World-famous Scientists from Japan (Dr. Kunio Kaiho and  Naga Oshima) Claimed that Until today Dinosaurs might be Survived if the asteroid hit just different locations than  Chicxulub Crater of Mexico. (recently published in “Scientific Reports” journal) Introduction; Dinosaurs Lived until 160 Million years with a supreme reign in their world. But, 66 million years ago […]

The biomarkers are the proxy for the paleoenvironment interpretation. Biomarkers are named as a biomarker which is related to the geological study. When an organic matter discomposed, by some diagenetic processes, then some more stable organic matter is produced and they are called the biomarker or the geo-biomarker, or the molecular […]

What is “Coal-Type” Hopane? High moretane/hopane ratio commonly occurs in the immature organic matter regardless of the lithology of sediments when accompanied by the high maturity stage, it usually indicates terrigenous plant-derived organic matter. This pattern of hopane distribution is called ‘‘coal-type’’ hopane. The high abundance of moretane is most probably […]

Cause of Permian extinctions; In 252 Million years ago what happened? Already Earth has past its 4.5 Billion Years. And through this interval of time earth has experienced 5 mage mass extinction. One of them is the Permian Triassic mass extinction. The main reason for this great dying event is […]

Among the oldest micro-organisms, acritarchs are one of them. Acritarchs are the organic-walled microfossils ranges in size from 20- 80 micrometers. They are widely distributed from the Archean age of 3000 million years to the recent. Acritarchs are the most important microfossils among the geologist because of its long geologic […]


পৃথিবীর ইতিহাসে এখন পর্যন্ত ৫ টি বড় ধরনের গন বিলুপ্তি ঘটেছে। যেগুলো না ঘটলে হয়ত আমরা বর্তমান এই সুন্দর আবাস যোগ্য পৃথিবী পেতাম না।কারণ প্রতিটি গন বিলুপ্তির সাথে সাথে পৃথিবীর পরিবর্তন ঘটেছে আর নতুন নতুন প্রাণীর আবির্ভাব ঘটেছে।ক্ষুদ্র আক্রিটারক থেকে শুরু করে বৃহৎ ডাইনসর পর্যন্ত এসেছে। আর যখন ডাইনোসর ও […]

Late Permian Mass extinction (252 Ma) was the most devastated. It almost wiped out all the land species (95%) including widespread flora of Gondwana Land and affecting non-marine, marine vertebrates and invertebrates. These great events were evidenced by extensive soil erosion events on land, wildfire, and replacement of lower plants than trees and […]

কোণ একটা জৈব যৌগ সমৃদ্ধ পাললিক শিলার মধ্যে কি পরিমাণ TOC আছে তা বের করা যাবে সহজে। স জন্য নিচের পদ্ধতি টি অনুসরণ করা যাবে। Total Organic Carbon, the most important to the geological study, even any other soil science, or other studies. TOC is usually calculated to normalize the sample […]