Disaster and Earth Science

Dr. Raman Kumar Biswas

Raman Kumar Biswas
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Dr. Mr. Raman Kumar Biswas

Associate Professor and Chairman

Dept. of Disaster Resilience and Engineering,

Faculty of Disaster Management, PSTU, Dumki, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.

Mobile No:  +8801300841136



Ph. D from Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan Masters of Science (Earth Science), Tohoku Univesity, Japan. Masters in Geology and Mining Rajshahi University.


Academic Gold Medal from Swahrawardi Hall, Rajshahi University 


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  6.  Biswas R.K.; Roy M.K. and Haque K.I. 2014 ‘Assessment of ground water quality for drinking purposes in some parts of Jhenaidah District, Bangladesh’ International Journal of Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Jaipur, India.     
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Courses conducted:

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction: Principle and Practices, Credit hour: 2
  2. Introduction to Hazard risk and disaster, Credit hour: 2
  3. Indigenous Knowledge for Disaster Management, Credit hour: 2
  4. Fundamentals of Hydrology, (Theory and Practical), Credit hour: (2+1)
  5. Introduction to Earth Science Credit hour: 2
  6. Earthquake Management and Engineering (Theory and Practical), Credit hour: (2+1)
  7. Disaster Risk Management in Business Sector, Credit hour: 2
  8. Disaster Risk Management in Tourism Sector Credit hour: 2
  9. Fundamentals of Geophysics, Credit hour: 2
  10. Oceanography, Credit hour: 2
  11. Remote Sensing; Credit hour: 2

Supervision of B.Sc. Research Report and MS Thesis:

Sl. NoLevel of SupervisionTitleName of the studentTime Duration

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