Disaster and Earth Science

Md. Abdur Rahim

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Md. Abdur Rahim

Assistant Professor

Department of Disaster Resilience and Engineering

Faculty of Disaster Management

Patuakhali Science and Technology University

Dumki, Patuakhali-8602, Bangladesh

Cell No.: +8801724008482




M.Sc. (Thesis) in Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205

B.Sc. (Honours) in Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205, Bangladesh


  • Prime Minister Gold Medal 2010 (Held in 2012) for securing highest marks in B.Sc. (Honours) in Life and Earth Science Faculty, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205.
  • Agrani Bank Gold Medal, University of Rajshahi for securing First Class and First Position in Life and Earth Science Faculty, 10 September, 2014.
  • Nawab Abdul Latif Hall Gold Medal Award (Held in 2012) for obtaining First Class and First position in B.Sc. (Honours) examination from the department of Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi.
  • A certificate by the department of Geology and Mining, University of Rajshahi on Research Experience.


  • Fluvial Morphology of Padma River between Charghat to Pakshi Areas in Bangladesh
  • Climatic Hazards and Impacts on Agricultural Practices in Southern Part of Bangladesh
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of River Bank Erosion on Durgapasha Union in Bakerganj Upazila, Bangladesh
  • Community Perception on Adverse Effects of Natural Hazards on Livelihood and Enhancing Livelihood Resiliency
  • Community Perception on Climate Change and Adaptation Scenarios in Southern Part of Bangladesh


  • Post Flood Recovery Assessment and Knowledge Gaps towards Flood Resiliency at Fulchchari, Gaibandha
  • ASCENT (Advancing Skill Creation to ENhance Transformation)

Classes taken (Graduate/Post Graduate/Others) and Subjects taught:

Under Graduate Level

  1. GEO 111 – Basics of Earth Science, Credit hour:  2
  2. DRE 121 – Basics of Biology and Biological Disaster, Credit hour: 2
  3. DRE 123 – Geophysics, Credit hour: 2
  4. DRE 125 – Hydrology and Disaster, Credit hour: 2
  5. DRE 122 – Hydrology and Disasters (Practical), Credit hour: 1
  6. DRE 311 – Decision and Risk Analysis in Resilience and Engineering, Credit hour: 2
  7. DRE 321 – Research Methodology 2 3, 2
  8. DRE 421 – Earthquake Engineering and Urban Disaster Management, Credit hour: 2
  9. DRE 422 – Earthquake Engineering and Management (Practical), Credit hour: 1
  10. DRE 414 – Waste Management Engineering, Credit hour: 1

Post Graduate Level

  1. Green Technology and Resilience Engineering, Credit hour: 2
  2. Research Methodology and Data Analysis in Disaster Management, Credit hour: 2
  3. Applied Hydrology and Water Engineering, Credit hour: 2
  4. Disaster in Mining Exploration and Management, Credit hour: 2
  5. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Tsunami Management, Credit hour: 2
  6. Research Performance, Credit hour: 3
  7. Post Disaster Reconstruction and Engineering, Credit hour: 2
  8. Surface and Subsurface Water Quality Modeling, Credit hour: 2
  9. Urban Waste Management and Engineering, Credit hour: 2
  10. Research Performance, Credit hour: 3

Supervision of B.Sc. Research Report and MS Thesis:

Sl. NoLevel of SupervisionTitleName of the studentTime duration
01.MSFlood Impacts Analysis and Mitigation Approaches towards Community Resiliency at Nageshwari Upazila, KurigramMost. Nusrat Binte Nur1.5 years
02.MSAssessment of Socio-Economic Impacts of River Bank Erosion and Enhancing Resiliency at Mehendiganj, BarisalNusrat Akter1.5 years
03.MSAnalysis of Cyclone Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Strategies at Amtali, BargunaUmmey Tasnim1.5 years
04.MSDisaster Vulnerability Assessment and Building Resiliency at Patuakhali Sadar Upazilla, PatuakhaliKhadiza Akter Munmun1.5 years
05.MSHazardous Waste Risk Assessment and Management Process at Barisal City CorporationSabbir Ahmed1.5 years
06.MSWater Quality Assessment for Building Water Resiliency at Rangabali Upazila, PatuakhaliS.M. Khurshid Alam1.5 years
07.MSSocio-economic Impacts of River Bank Erosion: A Case Study on Payra River, PatuakhaliMd. Golam Mustofa1.5 years
08.MSDisaster Resiliency of the Coastal Forest Ecosystem BenefitsSourov Paul1.5 years
09.MSHomestead Based Indigenous Technology for Disaster Resiliency in Coastal Regions of BangladeshMd. Asaduzzaman1.5 years
10.B.Sc.Climate Change Adaptation Scenario Related to Water and Environment in the District of Patuakhali, BangladeshMd. Jalal Uddin6 months
11.B.Sc.The Role of Women and their Livelihood in Disaster Risk Reduction: A Case Study on Siddakati Union in Nalchity Upazila under Jalokathy DistrictMohsin Khan6 months
12.B.Sc.Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Associated Risk Identification at Betagi Paurashava under Barguna DistrictUddipon Roy6 months
13.B.Sc.Community Perception on Adverse Effects of Natural Phenomenon on Livelihood: A Case Study at Patharghata UpazilaAyesha Siddequa6 months
14.B.Sc.A Case Study on Cyclone and Costal People: Coping Mechanism and Management SystemMd. Golam Mustofa6 months
15.B.Sc.Women Vulnerability and Their Existing Coping Mechanisms in Cyclone: A Case Study on Sonakata UnionMd. Ariful Islam6 months
16.B.Sc.Identifying Cyclone Shelter Facilities and Limitations for Enhancing Community Resiliency in Coastal Areas of BangladeshMost. Nusrat Binte Noor6 months
17.B.Sc.Assessment of Community Resilience to Disaster: A Case Study of Chotto Bighai Union in PatuakhaliKhadiza Akter Mummun6 months
18.B.Sc.Women’s Participation and Roles to Natural Disaster: An Empirical Study in Barguna UpazilaNusrat Akter6 months
19.B.Sc.Enhancing Water Resilient Community through Quality Assessment: A Case Study of Mathbaria Paurashava, PirojpurSanjida Sultana6 months
20.B.Sc.Socio-economic Impact of River Bank Erosion In Chorbaria Union, Barisal DistrictNazia Tabassum Oni6 months

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