Disaster and Earth Science

World-famous Scientists from Japan (Dr. Kunio Kaiho and  Naga Oshima) Claimed that Until today Dinosaurs might be Survived if the asteroid hit just different locations than  Chicxulub Crater of Mexico. (recently published in “Scientific Reports” journal)


Dinosaurs Lived until 160 Million years with a supreme reign in their world. But, 66 million years ago their reign completely stopped due to an asteroid impact on the earth. The exact hitting location of the asteroid was in Chicxulub crater now located in Mexico with a diameter of 160 km and wiped out 75% of the lives on earth of land and Marine including dinosaurs. And That is known as a Cretaceous Paleogene or K/T or K-Pg extinction. Until today Earth experienced 5 big mass extinction, Late Ordovician (444 Ma ago), Late Devonian (375 Ma ago), End Permian (251.94 Ma ago), End Triassic (200 Ma ago), Cretaceous-Paleogene (66 ma ago)  Extinction. The new idea of dinosaur extinction is released.

যে কারণে ডাইনোসর আজও পৃথিবীতে বসবাস করতে পারত

Where did the Asteroid Hit on earth?

Scientists found evidence for an exact hitting place of an asteroid on the earth. They found a 1cm thick layer of Iridium that is very rare on earth. The iridium is the elements from the asteroid but very rare on earth. The location of the iridium layer is in the Chicxulub crater in Mexico where a 160 km long crater has been formed by the asteroid impact. So This is the direct evidence on earth of the asteroid impact.

 So, scientists strongly believe that Chicxulub was the asteroid impactor. Dinosaurs were killed by the impact.

How were the Dinosaurs Killed or What were the causes of the K-T Mass extinction?

66 million years ago 13% of the earth’s surface contained enough organic matter as fossil fuel and Chicxulub one of the high reach organic reserved place in that time. The asteroid hit that location and produce million tons of soot after burning the organic matter. This huge soot and sulfate aerosol ejected into the upper atmosphere and block the sunlight and cooled the earth’s temperature as much as 18 Fahrenheit. And caused the mass extinction with the time flows. If the asteroid hit just in a different location of any of the 87% of earth’s surface then dinosaurs will not be wiped out and still survived Dr. Kunio Kaiho, Professor of Tohoku University, Japan, Claimed.