Disaster and Earth Science

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Here all the class lecture is prepared for the Department of Disaster Resilience and Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Science and Disaster Management, PSTU

DRE 5103: Disaster in Mining Exploration and Management Lectures
স্বদেশের উপকারে নাই যার মন কে বলে মানুষ তারে পশু সেই জন
DRE 5111: Sustainable Water Resource Management Lectures
DRE 5207
DRE 5207 Case Studies of International Projects on Disaster Resilience
DRE 322
Applied Statistics
DRE 5202
DRE 5202 Earthquake Engineering and Geo-Hazard Studies
DRE 5204
DRE 5204 Applied Hydrology and Water Engineering
DSM 421 Earthquake Engineering and Urban Disaster Management Lectures
Basics of Disaster and Hazards Lectures
DSM 412 Presentation and Argumentation Skill Lectures
DSM 423 Project Management Lectures
DRE 123 Geophysics
Indigenous Knowledge
Indigenous Knowledge
Presentation Skill
DRE 422 Practical Earthquake Engineering and Urban Disaster Management
Research Methodology
Research Methodology