Classroom for Geology and Disaster

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1. Lecture (DRE 5204) Applied Hydrology and Water Engineering

2. Lecture (DRE 5103) Disaster in Mining Exploration and Management

3. Lecture ( DRE 5202) Earthquake Engineering & Geohazard Studies

4. Lecture (DRE 322) Applied Statistics

5. Lecture  (DRE 5207) Case Studies of International Projects on Disaster Resilience

6. Lecture Earthquake Engineering & Urban Disaster Management

7. Lecture Earthquake Engineering & Urban Disaster Management (Practical)

8. Lecture Presentation Skill

9. Lecture Project Management

10. Lecture  (DRE 123) Geophysics

11. Lecture (321) Research Methodology

12. Lecture Indigenous Knowledge

13. List of Assignment

14. Lecture: Landslide

About the Course

This course is designed for the beginner to advanced level of students especially for Undergraduate to Graduate students for the University Degree in Bangladesh or Abroad and specially designed for the students of the Department of Disaster Resilience and Engineering of Patuakhali Science and Technology University.


Course Title: Landslide

Download all the class lectures in PDF versions for the topics of Landslide.
1. What is a landslide?
2. What are the main ways that
materials on a slope may fail?
3. What is the safety factor, and how is it defined?
4. Differentiate between rotational slides (slumps) translational slides and shallow slips.
5. How does the slope angle affect the incidence of landslides?
6. What are the three ways that
vegetation is important in slope
7. How may spontaneous liquefaction occur?
8. Why does time play an important role in landslides?

9. What is the main lesson learned from the Vaiont Dam disaster?
10. How might the process of urbanization increase or decrease the stability of the slope

List of Lectures on Landslide:

Lecture-1: What is Landslide?

Lecture-2: Mechanism of Landslide

Lecture-3: Landslide in Bangladesh

Class Lecture: Disaster in Mining Exploration and Management

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Class Lecture: Sustainable Water Resource

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Dr. Raman Kumar Biswas, Ph.D.
Dept. of Disaster Resilience and Engineering
Faculty of Environmental Science and Disaster Management,
Patuakhali Science and Technology University Dumki-8602, Patuakhali.