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10 Law of Attraction Quotes Book PDF

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10 Law of Attraction Quotes Book PDF

The law of attraction is real and it really works.


 To discuss the law of attraction first we need to discuss the kind of people around us.

 There are two kinds of people around us. The first one is those who already know about the law of attraction but are honorable to manifest all that their hearts desire. These people will keep their eyes open for techniques they can begin implementing immediately.  


The second category of people is those who are learning about the law of attraction for the first time.

These people are lucky because the techniques and lessons in this summary will save them the frustration of jumping from one law of attraction book or program to the other in search of techniques that work.

No matter the category you belong to by the end of this summary your mind will be open to seeing the universe and its principles in a whole new light.


It’s not difficult to understand how the universe works. Start by following the works of people who have spent time studying it.


The Law of Attraction has become a popular concept in recent times. It’s hard to find an enlightened adult who doesn’t know about this concept but one common frustration people have with this law is that it seems far-fetched and unreal in practice.


The difficult scenario looks like this.  you learn about the law of attraction and the possibility of magneting all that your heart desires. You get excited and decide to learn more about it.


You begin reading books and other materials and may even get a law of attraction coach. But along the way your desires don’t seem to manifest. Frustration kicks in.

You are tempted to give up but you have little faith that it might work for you. So you start searching for more information. Maybe there is a tiny piece you are missing.

When you finally find it and connect the dots the universe will be your beck and call. 


Only a few people get to connect the dots.


This summary is about showing you how to solve the Law of Attraction puzzle, so you can fully manifest all your desires. The first thing we will do is brush up on your understanding of the concept. A clear understanding of how and why the Law of Attraction works is critical. Next, we will address internal objections you might be having and then we go into simplified methods for aligning yourself to receive from the universe. 


Let’s get started.

Here is a short Summary of the Book Law of Attraction 


  1. Your thoughts have magnetic abilities:


Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Your body and mind are made up of energy and so are the chair you are sitting on, the device you are using and everything else you can imagine. The difference is that everything vibrates at its unique and specific frequency.

For example, your phone vibrates at a different energy level than the flowers around your house. That’s why they appear to be different. You won’t see much difference when you look at them under a microscope.

This simple fact that everything is made of energy is the reason you can attract everything from the universe into your life. Your thoughts are vibrating at specific frequencies, all you have to do is align yourself to the energy of whatever you want to attract.


Let’s use money as a practical example. Everyone rich or poor thinks about money, the difference is we don’t all think of money in the same way.

There is a pattern, a poor person is in penury because when thoughts of money enter their mind, all they can associate it with are negative emotions like worry, fear, sadness, and so on. Rich people, on the other hand, associate positive emotions with money, so, it flows freely to them. 

Law of Attraction Quotes
Law of Attraction Book PDF

Law of Attraction Quotes

If you are thinking about it you are magnetizing it to your life whether it’s positive or negative. -Andrew cap


 The understanding principle is that bad or negative emotions result in the outcome you don’t want while positive emotions result in desirable outcomes.


 Don’t just think about what you want to attract also make sure you are feeling good about those thoughts.


Going back to our money example, if you want to attract money into your life the key isn’t to just think about money. Learn to associate good feelings and positive emotions to your money thoughts this principle applies to every area of life.

For you, money may not be a primary or even secondary need but relationships or health could be. Consistently focus your thoughts on the outcomes you want in the area you are trying to change. Pretend you have already gotten what you seek and just feel all the positive and Sweet Emotions associated with actually getting the things you desire.

Not sure what you want? The next part contains the guide that will help you decide. 


Do you know digitalization has so taken over that only about 80% of our currency as a globe is physical?


Don’t settle for less when you can have all your heart’s desires:


This discussion will be a practical one. You will need a pen and paper for it. If you prefer writing on a digital device that’s fine too.


Here’s what you are going to do write down a list of all the things you would want to manifest in your life right now. Make the process fun and exciting you are not under any pressure to write a particular number of items don’t restrict your desires either.


Go completely wild with your list. No sincere deserving you have is bad or negative until you level it that way. So get your writing tools and start writing before you continue.




Once you get everything on the list, the next step is to express gratitude for what you have. Pen down a short gratitude note above the list. You have written using any wording of your choice for inspiration you could write something like, I’m grateful for all positive experiences in my life including………..


Don’t forget to write them in the present tense as if you already have them because you do the things, you desires, and may not have manifsted as yours yet, but the fact that can hold mental pictures of them means they exist in the universe.


The universe is in your corner it will not take time before your burning desires manifest as your physical realities.


It’s not necessary but if you want you can go the extra mile by adding little details of the reasons why you want the things you want to do for every item on the list. An item on your list can go like this- I’m grateful my boss has granted me the chance to work remotely three times a week because it helps me have flexible work hours.

I can use your work in the morning or at night as long as I meet my quota for the day. This is helping me have more time for family which is my first priority, I am so excited.


Gratitude unlocks your fortune

Our universe responds to gratitude. You will keep whatever you are consistently grateful for and lose everything you don’t appreciate. Sounds a little confusing? Let’s use human relationships as a case in point.


Let’s say you are married or in an intimate relationship with someone. However, will you feel about your relationship with your partner if they make gesture daily that show how grateful they are to be with you, versus when they treat you like trash that they can do without?


It’s a no-brainer. you`d feel loved and motivated to keep a relationship where you feel abbreviated and want to leave one where your presence and efforts count as nothing.


You can only control what you focus on now in the present moment.- Andrew Kap.


Gratitude works the same way for every other area of our lives. When you show gratitude for something you have or are hoping to manifest, you signal the universe to bring that thing -or more of fit – your way. If all you do is just wish for things the universe will see that you don’t have them and will not bring them your way.


The universe favors abundance the more you have the more you get.


It is good practice to make gratitude a daily thing. You can decide to see particular hours or minutes of your day dedicated to gratitude. For instance, you could do it first thing in the morning and then right before hitting the sack. Choose a timeline that works for you, but build a routine around it.


There are different gratitude methods you can use to attract good things into your life. We`ll consider three simple and effective ones in the  next discussion.


Express gratitude daily

Let’s consider three gratitude methods you can start using today. They are all effective methods go over then and pick the one that resonates with you best. you can also choose to try out each of the methods before deciding on one or a combination to be used daily.


 The stacking method. This is a simple and straightforward method. All you have to do is follow a three-step process. First, write down all the things you are grateful for as they come to your mind. Step three, take 20-60-second breaks between each item. This break is to enable you to mediate and feel gratitude of each item before proceeding to the next.


The time-lapse method.


This is similar to the stacking method. the only difference here is the added intentionally. Rather than just writing all the things you are grateful for the time-lapse method involves writing an equal number of things in the past, present, and future that you are grateful for. May be 5  or 10 or 3 each whatever number you have.


Next, jumble your items so they aren`t arranged in any order at all. Repeat steps 2 and 3 of the stacking method.  The blitz method.

This method involves spontaneously writing all the things you are grateful for. YOu don`t stop until you have fully written every point down. The advantage of this method is that it helps build your gratitude momentum from the ground up within a short period of time.

Us is when you need a quick boost of gratitude feelings or need to achieve a highly receptive and attractive state.


Gratitude makes you more aware and receptive to the universe.


Visualization and scripting are powerful tools for manifestation.

It’s common knowledge that the subconscious mind can`t differentiate between what`s imagined and what actually happening. 

We can use this quality to our advantage by traveling to the future in our minds, arriving at a desired destination, and reverse engineering the process.


For this exercise, we`ll go two years into the future. It’s ideal because when the time is too short, your mind will begin to have doubts. Too long and the mind will struggle to conjure the right circumstances that should surround the event you want to crate.

Of course, after training your mind with these kinds of exercises you can use is to effectively visualize longer periods of time.


So, two years it is.


Imagine some things you`d like to have accomplished or manifest two years from now. It could be a new job, a business, a promotion kids, a spouse, whatever.


Now visualize yourself as someone who has gotten that thing you desire. Travel two years into the future and see yourself living that reality.


Engage all your five senses. What does life look, feel, smell, and taste like?

What sounds can you hear? Maybe you want to have a female child in two years. Can you see yourself returning from the hospital with your spouse and the baby in your arms? Look at the soft res wool she`s wrapped in.


How about her curly hair and how the car smells of a newborn baby at your spouse drives you home?


Visualize every detail. Make the picture as clear as it can be in your mind. When that’s done, it`s time for step two.


Don’t try to force outcomes when visualizing just let your imagination flow.


For the second step, imagine you`re scripting a story of your life. Describe how you can achieve that desire. what steps did you take how did the universe come in for you? Write it all down as though you`re telling a story.


End with gratitude. Regularly revisit the mental image n the script you wrote. You`ll be shocked that time will play the exact scenario or something close to it.


Visualization is an ancient secret for creating your destiny.



The law of attraction is a universal law for manifesting whatever you want. the fact that you can conjure that desire in your heart is proof that it already exists in the universe.


The best part is that whatever you desire also wants you as much. All you have to do is align your energy enough to attract it.


It’s that simple.

The part of it that can appear complicated and frustrating in manifesting your desires. For that, we`ve discussed a number of strategies in this summary. chief of them is gratitude.


Choose a gratitude method you like and engage it daily. Express gratitude for both the things you already have physically and the ones you are waiting to manifest. Your appreciation makes the universe act in your favor.

Of course, some things take more time to manifest than others, When you start implementing the methods discussed in this summary, you may find that some of your desires manifest quickly while others delay.


Don’t stop engaging the gratitude and visualization techniques discussed when the result you seek isn`t forthcoming. Have faith in the universe and know that every desire will manifest in its time so long as you keep playing your part.


Try this.


Test the law of attraction.  Pick one desire you have write it down and visualize yourself in possession of it. Do this visualization practice daily, expressing gratitude after each session. Watch out for the opportunities and ideas that the universe will bring your way to help manifest that desire.


Download Law of Attraction Book PDF