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What is Chat GPT

I am really happy to write on this ” What is Chat GPT ?”. Because the world is advancing to a super level to the peak of humanity and development. When I first learned about the Chat GPT, I tried to make a conversation with it and I asked the Chat GPT, “I have a headache what to do Now?” Instantly, it suggests 5 remedies to relieve the headache! Then, I asked ChatGPT many other things.

I have asked it what is Chat GPT? I was already using the Chat GPT platform and using it I am asking what is Chat  GPT? I have played with it much. I basically liked it. And still, use it on my MacBook. The Chat GPT really saves my time and get instant and accurate information of any kind.

One of my friends, told me, “He got a poem from Chat-GPT!” Like this poem, there are many other surprises, we can get from it.  Now the basic question is “ What is Chat GPT?”

The Chat G.P.T stands for “Generative pre-trained Transformer” which is a deep learning model used for neural language processing to make creative content, answer questions, and give information to the user. This has a similar technology involved with “Chatbot” developed by Open AI but Chat-G.P.T and Chatbot are not the same things.

What is Chat GPT and difference between Chat GPT and Chatbot?

The Chat-GPT and Chatbot both use artificial intelligence (AI) and are based on neural language processing (NLP) techniques but for the Chatbot, the services are more formal and programmed with certain rules and responsibilities to serve the customer in the shops, or shopping mall to answer the question for specific products or services of the company. Whereas, Chat GPT has a wider range of purposes and has no specific goal or target. The main purpose of Chat GPT is to make a conversation with humans and provide information or suggestions.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT has some limitations;

  1. It can suggest the ideas or information which are available until 2021. Any future information after 2021, cannot provide (so far).
  2. It cannot provide 100% accurate data to completely believe in.
  3. It has no miracle to give you something to act on.
  4. It cannot provide some sensitive answers, like illegal ways to do some things. Rather, It will say, I cannot suggest links to download freely from the internet unless they have some free download options.
  5. [It is really a cute boy and an innocent girl as it innocently says and works.]

What are the opinions of famous people about Chat GPT?

The world’s most famous people are also happy and recommend using this helpful technology on a personal level or even group.  The founder of Microsoft, “Bill Gates” also declared that ” Chat-GPT will make a revolutionary change to mankind, like the “Internet in the 20th century”.

But there is some criticism about the use of Chat-GPT. Some People claimed it can destroy the creative thinking process of human beings from childhood. Because people will depend on it for most situations and cognitive development might be impaired by the use of Chat-GPT not for using our own brain much.

They suggest using it very carefully and controlled way. The Chat GPT can make a new poem! This is really an interesting thing and very much helpful for human being even making song lyrics. But this might make people unintelligent in the long run. They have a fear of Chatgpt.

What are the good things about Chat GPT?

Almost everything is good for the Chat-GPT Because it can help to make creative coding, make a new song lyric, and give some valuable suggestions, tips, and tricks, it can create a new image or digital painting and many more.

How to use Chat GPT AI?

Chat-Gpt is completely free. You can use it on your smartphone or on a personal computer.

Can Chat GPT write essays?

The answer is YES. Chat GPT can write an essay for your topics instantly. Whatever the topics, it will write for you in an organized way with bullet points and starting with an introduction, description, and at last the conclusion. Before you can ask Chat GPT, you can ask the right and accurate way to get the best answer.

If you wish to write an essay, on “climate change and global warming” then ask the Chat GPT to write the outlines on “climate change and global warming”  Then for every outline, you can ask to describe each of specific outline of  “outlines as you got from the Chat-GPT”

Then finally you can get the full essay produced by it. [Remember, the content produced by Chat GPT is give you copied content for you as you are not the owner of the creation, and is marked as a strike for the Plagiarized and AI content strike. You cannot reuse this content in your blog post or other media as it is copyrighted content.

Can I download the Chat GPT app or the Chatbot app?

What is ChatGPT
Fig: Chat-GPT is different from a chatbot?

Yes. You can freely download the Chat-GPT Chatbot app from the Google play store or the App Store. It’s completely free to download. After downloading you need to create an account or simply sign up using the app. Remember; the Chat-GPT app and chatbot app are different.

Fig: Chat-GPT original logo

How do you know the original Chat GPT App logo to find the right one?

The above picture is the Chat-GPT logo powered by OpenAI. There are many apps in the Google play store, that are functioning similarly but they are not the original app. They might be developed by Artificial intelligence but not the wider functionality like the Chat-GPT. They may be similar to Chatbots.

Is there any Chat GPT character limit for asking?

There is no character limit for the Chat GPT for searching in its search bar.

Does Chat GPT save data?

I have a conversation with Chat-GPT many times and found the saved data in the sidebar of the search tab. But, by the recommendation from Chat GPT, it says it does not save your data. So, I usually, after generating the data, copy the content and paste it into my word file and save it separately. So it’s a good idea to save by yourself as it does not save data.

As the same question how to save Chat GPT conversation?

Usually, I do copy and paste it into my Word file.   There is a conversation history or chat log which might be good to get your saved data from that conversation log or history in the sidebar. It has that log and you can get the saved conversation from there.

What is the Chat GPT website?

Here is the Chat-GPT website. You can log in to the Chat-GPT login option.

How to use Chat GPT?

For using the Chat GPT you can go to the website and sign up and start to write your question in the search tab below. That’s it.

For the smartphone, you don’t need to install the app, but you can install the Chat-GPT app and use it. Otherwise, directly go to and start to write your question like a computer.

What is Chat GPT’s competitor?

This is very new and advanced technology so there is no competitor so far. The chatbot is used for another purpose.

Are Chat GPT answers unique?

Yes, the answer provided by the chat GPT is 100% unique because it is generated by its group of AI-based language models. It always tries to provide accurate and authentic information for the users.

The answer is unique. Similar results may appear if someone asks a similar question for specific topics. Based on the recommendation of the Open AI language model, the users are requested to check and verify the answer from multiple sources for a sensitive question and for a critical decision.

Are Chat GPT results copyrighted?

Chat GPT-generated results are not copyrighted content rather it is AI-generated content which is also illegal to use unless getting permission from the OpenAI company. Recently Google looked for copyrighted content and AI-generated content at the same time. If google finds some AI-generated you will get struck by Google. There are many useful tools to detect AI-generated content like

Can Chat GPT do math?

You are right. It can solve any mathematics like basic mathematics of addition, subtraction, division, and any larger multiplication. It can solve any calculus and other algebra and trigonometric problem. Some other critical math problems also can solve like probability, premutation, etc. You can try with the basic math to ask to Chat GPT for solve. Math-related questions also can solve it.

Can Chat GPT write code?

This is a very powerful application that can generate code snippets of any programming language for any application. The user needs to vary and double-check the generated code to the optimized performance for a certain use by the developer. If you do some specific request to generate a code, do you need to provide all the requirements and details descriptions of what needs to do for the Chat-GPT? But always remember that the primary function of it is to assist the user with a certain task.

Can Chat GPT summarize a pdf?

The answer is YES. Chat GPT can summarize any type of pdf document like news documents, research papers, or any other documents. The performance for summarizing simple documents like news articles or other simple documents is very good to summarize in an organized format.

However, for the research paper contains many terminologies and technical jargon words making it difficult to summarize nicely. The meaning of the technical paper sometimes may not full fill the user’s satisfaction.

So, the recommendation is to double-check that summary to revise any by yourself. It is also recommended to provide all the information on what is exactly the user wishes to produce from that technical pdf file. However, always double-check yourself with an AI-produced summary.

Can Chat GPT write essays?

Yes, the Chat GPT can write any type of essay. The research topics, any news, documentary, report, paragraph, article, or any technical writing also can be possible using it.

The quality of the report or essay depends on the instruction provided to Chat GPT and the level of detail length and complexity. I prefer to instruct it on the outline of the topics first before writing an essay. Then instruct the to describe that outline one by one.

For making the final products copy all the generated content by Chat GPT. It is recommended to use that produced essay as a guide not to use it as a final product of your use. Before producing the final essay always revise it and add your suggestions and writing into it to make a good essay.


Personally, I recommend using this AI technology for daily activities. For the students and learners, it is a great tool for your help. It can be your close friend to suggests better options and recommends doing the best task for you. But remember, this is not a human. It is a machine. So always be careful to invest money or work on the sensitive data getting from the Chat GPT-generated-recommendations. I hope you have learned some basic things and can distinguish the difference between what is Chat GPT and what is Chatbot.