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GCMS Machine

GCMS Machine; How does gcms work: this is a common question for the students or the beginners who are new in the gcms working environments in the lab. Like me, I was also very much curious about the mechanism of how does gcms work. When I was in the Tohoku University lab, my supervisor Prof Kunio Kaiho gave me the opportunity to learn how to work on the GCMS/MS. In the Kaiho Lab basically, I use the GCMS/MS which is one step advanced from the GCMS. 

How does gcms work?

Let’s talk about an example phenomenon. If you through a ball rolling in the ground depending on the size and weight of the ball it becomes faster and slower. The less light and small size goes faster and heavier ones will go slower. The same mechanism works in the GCMS techniques. The lighter molecules (Biomarker) will come faster and the heavier ones will come later in the GC detector and create a peak in the connected computer.

What is GCMS Machine?

The GCMS is a stand-alone biomarker identifying machine by Agilent technology. The GCMS Machine technology has two parts one is GC (gas chromatography) or simply the sample separating technology which has an oven in it to heat the inserted sample in it to a liquid form.

Another part is the detector called the mass spectrometer which has some detector to identify the coming molecules from the GC side and connected them to the computer. The GCMS/MS is the advanced technology which and double mass detector than a simple GCMS machine. The GCMS machine and the GCMS/MS machine are produced by the Agilent company.

GCMS Machine

How does gcms work: 6 Functions

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How does gcms work?

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