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Recently, I enrolled in a short course in the Netherlands. The name of the short course is data acquisition, and processing modeling using the PCraster Python framework at the delft institute of water education in delft, Netherland. The Scholarship in Netherland is enjoyed much. Here I will tell my story.

scholarships in Netherland for short course

Preparation for the application:

Before going to apply for the scholarship in the short course you need to know about the country the Netherland. Right? How is the weather condition in Netherland? How are the people in Netherland? How about the food?  Yes!! You are right.

The Netherland is a good country to live in. The world’s most diverse people are living here. More the 160 countries people are living here. September is the start of winter with 12 degrees celsius onward to minus 2 degrees celsius!

The people are very hospitable. You have the right to live with full freedom irrespective of caste and race. Most people are white. But I have seen many Asian people and black from the South American continent. All the buildings are really unique in design. The communication system is world-class.


For transportation, you can have 4 options, like  Bus, Train, Tram, and subway. You can buy an OV chip card to travel inside the Netherland with this card. You can use this card all the bus, train and tram to go anywhere. OV chip card is cheaper compared to direct buying the ticket at the ticket booth at the station. Here in Netherland, you can not use Note-money to purchase train and tram tickets instead use the coin-money. Because it does not have the option to use the note-money in the ticket booth. Hence better option is to buy the OV chip Card. How to buy the OV chip Card for the train and bus in the Netherland visit the site here.

Meal price??

Every meal costs around 4-6 euros.

The Scholarship in Netherland for short course details:

short course in Netherland
The list of the enrollment for my short course in the Netherland

The Netherland is very good for water science and even other science to study. If you are interested to study here in Netherland this article is for you. Please read this article. I will show you step-by-step how to get a scholarship in Netherland.

Step 1:

First, you need to visit the site named

You might have to sign up at the very beginning, then please sign up and enter your email address and log in then you can see the list of the program in it. It is ok for you to get my point?? Are you on the same track?


There you can find this page

scholarships in Netherland

Step 2:

Select any of the programs depending on your interest.

If you choose the short course here, then choose any one of the short courses from the list. Click on that and apply for that course.

Be careful!!

During the application process, you need to choose the scholarship in the finance tab.

short course scholarships in Netherland
This is the list of short course scholarships in the Netherland
scholarships in Netherland for short course
From this tab select the scholarship to get the scholarship

Yes!! you are almost done!!

After successful completion of the enrollment, you will get an email from the delft institute of water education. In the email, you will get details instructions on how to apply for the scholarship for that enrolled program. As you are already enrolled then your main job is to follow the instruction of the responsible officer from delft.

Now, If you get the scholarship you will be informed from time to time, about what need to do next.


Are you finding good so far? If so Please write to me for further guidance. I am a short course holder in Delft, Netherland. I might help you.

Contact me at:

Dr. Raman Kumar Biswas  

MS and Ph.D. (Tohoku University) Japan

Associate Professor and Chairman

Dept. of Disaster Resilience and Engineering

Faculty of Environmental Science and Disaster Management 

Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Dumki,         

Patuakhali, Bangladesh-8602


Cell phone: +8801300841136

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