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What to do if you lost something in Japan? if you lost something valuable like your phone, wallet your bag, or other things, you can directly go to the lost and found center or the police station nearby. The lost and found center and police will ask some basic questions.

 What did you lose? Please give us a details description of the items.

 When did you lose your item? Time and Date

 Where did you go?

 Where might be the expected possible places to find?

 The police will search instantly. If they find the item they will give you some official procedures otherwise, they will call you later and after they find the item they will request to come.

 When to go to the lost and found center or the police?

 If you are lost today, you can go to the police station just now or you can go later also. But keep in mind, the faster the better. Except for the police inquiry in Japan, in a train or bus station, you can find a lost and found center. In the lost and found center, you can go and do the same procedure as you did with the policeman. 

So you have two options if you lost something in Japan.

Go to the police station

Go to the lost and found center

Lost and found
I have lost this phone and get back by the Japanese lost and found police

In Japan, people are very aware, if you lost something you can get the items, it is almost 100% confirm.  Because the Japanese people will return it to the police station or in the lost and found center near the bus station or railway or subway station. Usually within a week you can get back the items in Japan. However, there might be some uncertainty like if you lost your items somewhere in unrecoverable places or in hidden places, then no one cannot get the item then it is impossible to find the items. If they get  they will return to the police or lost and found center as soon as possible.

An example; credit for the lost and found center in Japan

I have a good experience in Japan for last 6 years. I lost three times of my wallet, car key, room key and a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. Every time I got back on time. When I lost my phone I did not have any contact number. I just have email address. I informed it to the police. I was surprised within 2 weeks, I got an email from my mobile operator company that your lost phone has been found by the police station. Please go and receive that. In email they also mention what to keep with me to receive the lost phone.

  1. My residence card
  2.  My stamp and 
  3.  Reference number as they gave me in the email 

That’s all. So, the good news is that in Japan if you lost something, don’t need to worry, you just go to the lost and found center or police station and tell them the details. They will find your valuable items within a short time.

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