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Implementing noise pollution control is important to protect our health and mental condition.  Noise pollution control can be perfectly achieved using the proper high technology, implementing environmental laws and engaging in social activities, and increasing social awareness.  The better approach to Noise pollution control is the building of soundproofing buildings and noise-canceling technologies. Noise pollution control is not only important for us but also for our cute pets. So everyone should be aware of Noise pollution control and help the govt to implement this for a better a calm living environment.

Before discussing noise pollution control, let’s discuss the basic definition of noise pollution.

Why Noise pollution control matters to you?

Noise pollution is the discomfort and high tune of an increased range of noise which causes a harmful impact on human or animal health. The sound pollution from the bus, tracks, trains, airplanes helicopters, thunderstorms, and the noise or sound from the mic are examples of sound pollution. It can permanently damage your hearing ability.

There are other specific noise pollution control matters.


What can you do for noise pollution control measures?

Learn, what are the sources of noise pollution.

There is no single source of sound pollution but it causes combined. Human activity is the main responsible for sound pollution than the national process but sound pollution makes  in a different way in natural source and human source

Nature can cause sound pollution. Sometimes thunderstorms, clouds, and volcanic activities cause sound pollution. 

 Human activity can cause sound pollution actually from the vehicle, whistle trains, and from loud conversations, use of the mic, flying airplanes, sound toys, industry are the main causes of man-made sound pollution.

There are many reasons for sound pollution. It might be natural and it might be man-made. So the combination of these sources may cause sound pollution.

Sound pollution is not only responsible for a single source. 

Here, I have discussed some main reasons for sound pollution. 

Noise pollution control
Noise pollution control and sources of Noise pollution

1. The sound pollution from vehicles:

Sound pollution from vehicles is one of the main reasons for sound pollution. In the city area bus, trucks, motorcycles, trains, lorries, and heavy vehicles are the main cause of sound pollution in the city area. The vehicle engine is the main source of this sound pollution. Besides that, the river and in the ocean, ship, and small boats also causes sound pollution. In the river, small boats use some noise-making motors, which causes sound pollution. In the city area, the roads and near the hospital, near the educational institution, the pollution is much higher but in the village, the sound pollution is less than in the city.  The whistle from the vehicle on the city road causes sound pollution.

2. Sound pollution by the industrial revolution.

The world is digitizing at every moment, hence industrialization is causing sound pollution in city areas. The industry is growing very fast and the sound from the industry area may cause sound pollution. The long-term intake of sound pollution makes permanent hair loss in the industrial labor and the people around the manufacturing plant.

3. Mechanical motor activity causes sound pollution.

The sound pollution from generators, in the office, school, and some other social festivals causes sound pollution. Because sound pollution from the generator causes a high range of sound pollution, it usually makes the area very unrest for the people if this type of mechanical activity like the use of a generator motor continues long term causes many health problems.  Some other activities cause a high range of sound pollution sometimes musical activities and some social functions may cause sound pollution in the area.

4. Sound pollution from the flight.

In the modern world, the amount of flights is increasing especially in airport areas may cause sound pollution when airplane jet plane helicopters fly it causes sound pollution. This type of pollution is high and people cannot concentrate on their work for this type of pollution around the airport area all time. Planes and other helicopters are flying, making people discomfort with these modern vehicles and causing sound pollution.

5. Conversation causes sound pollution.

The conversation may cause sound pollution when a man talks with a high voice loudly. If many people speak at a time it causes sound pollution in Bazar, schools, colleges, universities even in the market area, this type of sound pollution happens. In comparison to men, women cause sound pollution much higher.  In the market, sound pollution is mainly responsible for conversation.

6. Social activities cause sound pollution.

Social activities can cause sound pollution. There are many social festivals like wedding anniversaries, puja festivals, and sports that cause sound pollution. Social activities are mainly people gathering and causing sound pollution. In the event usually, the use of a big mic causes sound pollution Besides that mob, meeting, and political movement also causes sound pollution.

noise pollution control
noise pollution control

Here are the Noise pollution control measures: