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Photos: Minerals and Rocks

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During my PHD study, I have visited several times in the museum of Tohoku University and captured the Rocks photo. Here are some important photos of mineral and rocks of the TohoKu University museum. The bare minerals, mineral oils, and many other minerals in this Photo gallery. Some minerals are very rare to see in the field. Those photos of rare minerals are collected by some famous geologists of the University. I have also captured some photos of rocks. The Museum is very rich in minerals, rare minerals in the museum. The fossils of dinosaurs and some index fossils are preserved and open for people during the office time. I have some mineral photos of calcite dolomite and more.

I am very much happy to collect those photos.  This University is a very famous university in Japan. This is a famous university throughout Japan.  I have studied permian Triassic mass extinction based on the biomarker study from the rocks. Kunio Kaiho is a famous geologist who is my supervisor and a famous geologist in Japan. Japan is very beautiful country study cost in Japan is covered by scholarships. The most important and famous scholarship is MEXT scholarship. To apply for scholarship in Japan, we have to find a supervisor then apply for the scholarship.