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Shahabuddin Chuppu is the 22nd president of Bangladesh after President Abdul Hamid.

What is the role of Shahabuddin Chuppu as a president?

He will be mainly ceremonial as the most power is captured by the printer of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. Mr. Shahabuddin Chuppu is the head of the state where as the prime minister is the head of the Government. He will continue his service on April 2023 after the formal handover the power by the current President of Bangladesh Abdul Hamid.

nomination of Shahabuddin Chuppu
nomination of Shahabuddin Chuppu Photo Credit; Wikibio

Who is Mr. Shahabuddin Chuppu?

Shahabuddin Chuppu was born in the northwest Pabna District of Bangladesh in 1949 and did his 25 years of judicial service in Bangladesh. Shahabuddin Chuppu was a freedom fighter and former judge.

Academic qualification of Shahabuddin Chuppu.

He studies at Rajshahi University in the law department in 1982 and completed his graduation.

family member of Shahabuddin Chuppu
family member of Mr. Shahabuddin Chuppu Photo Credit; WIkibio

What did he for Bangladesh?

Shahabuddin Chuppu was a fredom fighter. He did some important role during his career. He was one of the commisioiner of anti corruption comission of Bangladesh. He started his career in judicial services and successfully completed his govt services with a District judge.

How many familly members of Mr. Shahabuddin Chuppu? 

He has a wife of Rebeka Sultana, joint secretary in the Bangladesh govt service and having one son.


Shahabuddin Chuppu
Mr. Shahabuddin Chuppu Photo Credit; NDTV

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