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Where to Skydiving in Nepal

Arriving in Nepal and Skydiving

Nepal is a country in the Himalayan Mountains and most people follow two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. For skydiving, Nepal is the world’s best place due to its nice climate and marvelous natural beauty. The skydiving team includes very expert skydivers and mountaineers. World’s best mountaineering specialists, medical doctors, and highly skilled high-altitude mountain pilots will accompany you. The local crew called Headman will assist you throughout the diving. Sirdar or headman can speak English and they will explain about the local culture or any sight that catches your eye.

An Adventure in Pokhara Skydive, Nepal.

Pokhara has extraordinarily thrilling beauty during skydiving. This is World’s Highest Skydiving adventure in Everest Skydive. Located 124 miles (200 kilometers) west of Kathmandu. Panoramic Himalayan peaks of Annapurna, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre; and embedded by emerald lakes. Pokhara is a tourist hub frequented by thousands of visitors every year. The city is also the starting point of the Annapurna Treks, the most popular trekking route in Nepal after Everest.

Pokhara Skydive will be held at Pame Danda dropzone, west of Phewa Lake where skydivers will leap from a height of 11000-13000 ft from AS 350 B3/B2 Helicopter. Majestic peaks and the valley of Pokhara sprawl below. You jump from the aircraft and free fall, before your canopy opens and land gently on the ground. Your entire jump will be captured on film by the camera flyer.

The Pokhara Skydive is an eight-day package including Solo/Tandem Jumps.

Skydiving in Nepal; Trip in brief

Trip length: 8 nights / 9 Days
Starts in: Kathmandu
Ends in: Kathmandu
Activities- Skydiving, Sightseeing & Rafting
Accommodation: Tourist Class Hotels
Drop zone Altitude: 820m (2689ft)

Skydiving in Nepal; in Pokhra Skydiving Package

Solo Skydive Package: USD 5000 Per Person
Tandem Skydive Package: USD 6000 Per Person
Video & Photography: USD 150

Skydiving in Nepal the equipment you need;

Pokhara Skydive uses the same type of equipment as Everest Skydive, but we do not need oxygen or thermal survival suits which we do use for the HALO jumps at Everest Skydive. The opening altitude for your main parachute will be between 6000ft and 7000ft AMSL; the main landing area (DZ) is at 1700ft AMSL.

Equipment provided; Solo Jumpers

Self-supply of all equipment; Tandem jumpers, Jump helmets, jump goggles, jumpsuit, Tandem harness.

Contact – Nepal

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