Disaster and Earth Science

Thesis Presentation at the ESDM PSTU

Thesis Presentation

Thesis Presentation at the Emergency Risk Management

Thesis Presentation
Listening the presentation at the Emergency Risk Management , ESDM PSTU

The Thesis Presentation In the Faculty of the Environmental Science and Disaster Management in Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Patuakhali Bangladesh. The Department of the Emergency Management arranged a thesis defense progrma for the MS final students. In the Program The Vice chancellor of the Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib Science and Technology University, Gopalgonj. AQM MAHABUB Sir were present there. Another Renowned researcher Dr Saiful Islam also attended in the program and enjoy the thesis defence and commented for the further correction.

In the Thesis Presentation I am Dr.Raman Kumar Biswas, always looking for the better reseach about the water related contamination and the find the status and solving techniques from that hazard. I have learned the Gas Chromaography and Mass spectrometry machine to unitilyzed in this water related research.

In the factory of the Bangladesh, produce many health hazards contaminant and those are mixing with the ground water and ultimately we are are dinking those water. Especially those who are living near the factory area they are very much risk for the health problem. Even they dont know the cause of their early death. People are getting older soon and getting heart attack and many more disease like diabetes, blood pressure etc.

In the Thesis Presentation we discussed, the chromium is one of the most dangerous hazardous element. The chromium in the drinking water is much more risk to cause the cancer and some short term fetal disease. The people should care about the water the drink.

Recently we know that the people in the Patuakhali especially in the Lebukhali Cantonment area, most of the tub-well are contaminated with the Chromium in the water. The people in that area not using the tub-well water to avoid the health risk. The people are facing many problems to get the safe drinking water.

To overcome the problem in the lebukhali are we need a details investigation for the further study.