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What are Thrombolites and Stromatolites?

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What are Thrombolites and Stromatolites?




Definaiton of Thrombolites?

Thrombolites are defined by the two separate parts of it Thrombolites mean “Clot” and lithos are the Stone. So thrombolites are the rocks formed in shallow marine environments due to the clotting or aggregating of microorganisms cyanobacteria. The Thrombolites are formed due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate from the marine water surrounded by that clotting. The calcification is the main process of the formation of thrombolites.

Fig. Thrombolites Distribution around the globe.

Index fossil: Thrombolites are the index fossil because they indicate the age of 53 Ma of the late Paleozoic time in the geological time scale.

What are Stromatolite Fossils?

Get an Explanation from my YouTube Video about Thrombolites