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Why is Japan so safe?

I will tell my Real-Life Story 1:  My Own Life Story: The Real Kindness of Japanese People. Japan is called the Earth-Heaven. Right? But Why? Why not Europe, America, Australia, or any other country in the universe? OK. I am coming up with details. This is my real-life story in which I found the answer to the question“Why Japan is called the Earth-Heaven?” I might be talking much. So there might be a  question Why is Japan so safe?

Why is Japan so safe? Real-Life Story 1:

I grew up in a small city in Bangladesh. For my higher study, I came to an evergreen city called Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. I don’t know Japanese, so I have to believe in people for doing anything. I was living in Nagamachi, 20 minutes far away by the Subway from Sendai City. I usually used a Pass Card to pay the fare for the Bus and Subway together. One day I lost my Pass Card at the bus stop.

I never thought that I would get back my Pass Card. I was so surprised because, on the Pass Card, there was no evidence except my name. So, how they can find me, and why did they do so a huge search to find the real owner of that Pass Card? Then, I realized that this feeling comes from kindness to all humanity even for a small insect. Since that day, I have felt happy and tried to believe all Japanese people.

Why is Japan so safe: Real-Life Story 2:

This event makes me strongly believe in the Japanese People. One day, I went to the Kakubancho area in Sendai City for shopping. Suddenly, I lost my wallet in which all the important Cards like Bank ATM card, Credit card, Student card, Residence card, Health insurance card, and Cash of 101000 Japanese yen was there. So, I was so sad and even I could not move a step. I didn’t know what I should do then.

I thought I would not get back that because there were all the important things with some Cash. Then I went to the Police Station to talk with them about my situation. I called and then thought of the Calling Button in the Police Booth. The Police asked for my name and other details and said they were coming to meet me. I don’t know what is happening. I lost everything and the police are coming to arrest me ? or any other things?

Then, the Police came and asked my name, “Are you, Biswas Raman Kumar?” I replied, Yes, I am. Then they said we found your wallet please come to the police station. A senior lady is waiting there.


I felt relaxed. Then, we went to the Police station and met a kind lady. The Lady brings luck to me. I bowed to the kind over 70 aged women. She looks so anxious and worried. But, I did not ask her why she looked so anxious and tensed. Later, I asked about that.

She replied, “When I got the wallet on the street, my hands were cramping and my heartbeat was going faster and faster. I was so worried about the person who lost his wallet. Then I (the woman) called the police.”


Why is Japan so safe
Why is Japan so safe?

Hearing her speak in such a way, I totally surrendered to her and the whole respect I gave her.


From that day, I find the real kindness of Japanese people to all human beings irrespective of race and custom.



Why is Japan so safe: Real-Life Story 3:

Japan is a very safe and secure country even for a baby. If someone lost something, he/she must get back, guaranteed! Because I lost the apartment- key on the street. There was no name, no evidence on that key just for Room No B-105 and the color of the Key-tag was Blue. Finally, I got an email your key has been found, please come to bring that. I was very surprised. How is it possible? I believe the people of Japan are so caring and so sincere in all matters of daily life. Hence, Japan is safe to live in.


So, I love Japan and the Japanese People. Living in Japan is fantastic and it is really an Earth-Heaven for the human being.