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World Teachers Day is celebrated worldwide on October 5th

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World Teachers Day

Here you will find everything you need to know about the day and how to celebrate it. When is World Teachers Day? World Teachers Day is celebrated worldwide on October 5th. The day is a UNESCO day that was first observed on October 5, 1994 and has been celebrated on the same day every year since and has been introduced to highlight the contributions and achievements of employees and to draw attention to the goals of teachers in their work. ILO / UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Teachers, which sets standards for the rights and obligations of teachers as well as standards for their higher education, recruitment, employment and teaching and learning conditions. The day should also shed light on the working conditions of teachers. and job prospects worldwide. Teachers’ tireless efforts to keep classes going and minimize student learning during the pandemic.The day will focus on the support teachers need to fully recover from the health crisis that had schools shut down for several months. This year, here are some quotes and posts to celebrate.