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Write an article in Fiverr Earn from Home


It’s now easy to earn from home. Fiverr can help you. It s the biggest e-commerce platform to earn money from home. You can earn by writing content about your choice. The Gaming content or other popular niches.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that connects freelancers in various fields with individuals and companies. The services offered on Fiverr include art, music, graphic design, and writing, among others. Freelancers offer their services and buyers find freelancers for every project they carry out. Projects or jobs are referred to as gigs on Fiverr.

Fiverr concerts start at $ 5 and increase in increments of $ 5 to thousands of dollars. I’ve been on Fiverr since early November. When I set up my profile, I created three different gig deals, each with three different price points. The services I provide are article / blog writing, nonfiction writing, and ghost book writing. Within three days of opening my account, I received two requests from a single buyer for the website copy.

The inquiries came within my blog / article job posting. In the past three weeks I’ve received a total of five orders, all in this category. One article was 500 words, three were 1,000 words, and one was 2,000 words. (that’s 20%), I made $ 44. there and made a couple of dollars. It wasn’t much, but nothing either. He could work anytime, anywhere, as long as he met the deadline.Of course, I set the deadline when I created my service offers. That included assessing how much I could handle and how long it would take to complete each project. a writer. I had to concentrate more and write faster than my normal writing (poetry, medium plays, novels, short stories). Writing a 2,000-word piece in less than two hours to get worth my time is a challenging task. I can keep up with this pace in my personal writing, I’ll be a lot more productive.


Cons of Freelance Writing on Fiverr

The hourly wage sucks, especially at the beginning. If you don’t have reviews on Fiverr, there is nothing that sets you apart other than the rest of the freelance writers that are not the price. I have given my prices at the bottom.Fiverr won’t let you go below $ 5, so I focused on the $ 5 buyer value. My original prices were $ 1 per 100 words. It had levels of $ 5 for 500 words, $ 10 for 1000 words, and $ 20 for 2000 words. You have to be a quick writer to do this job for more than the minimum wage.

Remember, Fiverr takes 20% of sales! So a lot of spam. Fiverr has an inbox system on the website and I would say over 75% of the messages I receive are spam. They can tell it is spam because they are asking to speak outside of Fiverr, which is against Fiverr’s terms and conditions.It’s a little out of control. The content can be uninteresting. Writing for others can be exhausting. I wrote a copy for a website about online doctor visits and for a dentist website. They are not exactly the most fascinating subjects in the world. Payments take forever. to be paid in your account. It took an average of two to three weeks for customer payments to reach my Clear in Fiverr account. Then I have to transfer the money to my bank or Pay Pal, which takes a few more days. easy money, Fiverr might not be for you.The simple answer is people who are just starting out in freelance writing. If you’re looking to gain experience and a few extra bucks, give it a try!


Fiverr is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students looking for experience and money. If you’re a slow writer, avoid Fiverr like the plague. To begin with, keep your prices so low that Fiverr won’t be worth it unless you can write at least 1,000 words per hour. Fast writer, you have a chance to make decent money by the hour. Working on Fiverr has several advantages and disadvantages. Earning money is possible, but involves a lot of work. If your try make sure you are ready for the job!

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