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The world`s climate is changing every day of human activities. The greenhouse gas emission from developed countries by the burning of fossil fuel and other human activities are the main causes of recent climate change. The world is changing and getting hotter and hotter due to human activity. The more we burn fossil fuel the more greenhouse gas like methane and carbon dioxide and other gases emits into the atmosphere and causes the climate hot.

What is the relationship between climate change and the dengue fever outbreak? 

 If the climate is hot then all the vector-borne diseases like dengue outbreaks.  Because the infectious disease caused by the mosquito and other viruses is favorable for their habitat. The hot climate will outbreak the mosquito and other microorganisms will spread out all over the world. So infectious diseases will affect human health. So, climate_change is the main reason for the dengue outbreak in the recent near in Bangladesh. The developing country will face more problems with these infectious diseases. So climate change has a direct relationship to increasing dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases, especially in urban areas.

Climate Change

 How is climate change affecting our daily life?

Climate_change is affecting our daily life in many ways. The hot days and the seasonal change happens due to climate change.  The time of the rainy season has shifted to different time periods and the winter has shifted to another period.  On the other hand, the number of natural disasters has increased due to climate change. The sea surface temperature increasing every day which causes the number of cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.  The number of tornadoes, cyclones, storms, thunderstorms, and all other natural disaster is increasing due to the climate_change. 

The climate_change or hot day also affect our health. The various mosquito borne diseases like dengue and other diseases Increasing in rencent days.

Why dengue fever is increasing in Bangladesh?

The dengue fever is increasing because of climate change. The dengue is the mosquito borne disease. The mosquito carry the dengue virus and this mosquito increasing and reproduce by many and directly come into contact with the human being and spreading the deseases to the community. Climate change is Silent Killer.  We cannot see the climate change but it happens. You can observe the climate_change after a long term observation.

The greenhouse gas emission and other human activities causes climate change everyday.  All the developing country will face this adverse effect of climate change. The United Nation initiated some strategies to mitigate the climate change or to stop the climate change by the 17 goals of sustainable development. The world is facing many problem due to the climate change. We can not notice this changes for a single day. Last week United Nation organized a world meeting not to increase the Global temperature more than of 1.5 degree Celsius to keep the world favourable condition for the human beings.  The more hot day is the more unfavorable day for the human being in many sectors like health, economy, proverty etc.

The climate_change occurs more in the developing country like Bangladesh and some coastal region in the world. That Sea level will increase due to the melting of glaciers and the rise of global temperature. The mosquito and other vector borne diseases with influence due to the increased number of mosquito in that region. The infectious virus spreads through the blood and transfer to another people deteriorating the human health. 

Do we have many evidence of Climate_Change?

Yes! We have many evidences that climate is changing. 

The polar bear are shifting to the land.  The birds are migrating to different region due to climate change. The various season has been shifted two different time.  The number of hot days and coldest days has been interest tremendously. Natural disaster has been interest extremely the frequency of thunderstorm has been increased.

How to reduce the dengue outbreak?

The dengue outbreak can be controlled by our personal safety and awareness.  The climate is changing and the number of hot days is increasing which are favourable for the dengue virus and mosquito. Hot days makes the flourish of dengue virus and mosquito.  We should take vaccination and maintain the sanitation in our household.

Climate change and Dengue fever
Ades Mosquito causing the dengue Fever