Disaster and Earth Science

Course Layout of MS in DRE


8. Courses Structure:

Program Duration: 1.5 years

Number of semester: 18 months in 3 semesters

Total Number of Credit hours available: 40 Credits

9. Teaching Learning Strategy:

Popular strategies are: Lecture, Discussion, Multi-media, A/V Aids, Video, Field visit, Survey, Case Study, Discussion, Active Learning, Cooperative Learning.  

10. Assessment Strategy:

  1. Distribution of Marks:

Class Test: 40%

Assignment: 20%

Final Examination: 40%

  • Grading system and grading scale: PSTU ordinance

Course Layout

Semester: January-June

Alphabetic CodeNumeric CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursMarksCompulsory /Elective
DRE5101Decision and Risk Analysis in Resilience and Engineering2100Compulsory
DRE5102Climate Resilient Infrastructure: Engineering and Management2100Compulsory
DRE5103Disaster in Mining Exploration and Management2100Compulsory
DRE5104Flood Protection and River Engineering2100Compulsory
DRE5105Advance Statistical Analysis for Disaster Resilience2100Elective
DRE5106Land Slide: Resilience and Engineering2100Elective
DRE5107Retrofitting Engineering and Urban Planning2100Elective
DRE5108Post Disaster Reconstruction and Recovery2100Elective
DRE5109Building Disaster Resilience: Bangladesh and Global Perspective2100Elective
DRE5110Coastal Sediment and Beach Processes2100Elective
DRE5111Sustainable Water Resource Management2100Elective
DRE5112Frontier of Disaster Resilience and Engineering2100Elective
DRE5113Gender and Resilience: Theory and Practice2100Elective
DRE5301Research Work3 (Satis/Unsatis.)

Semester: July-December

Alphabetic CodeNumeric CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursMarksCompulsory/ Elective
DRE5201Green Technology and Resilience Engineering2100Compulsory
DRE5202Earthquake Engineering and Geo-Hazard Studies2100Compulsory
DRE5203Sustainable Transportation Hazard Mitigation Engineering2100Compulsory
DRE5204Applied Hydrology and Water Engineering2100Compulsory
DRE5205Urban Disaster Mitigation Engineering2100Elective
DRE5206Community Involvement in Resilience and Engineering2100Elective
DRE5207Case Studies of International Projects on Disaster Resilience2100Elective
DRE5208Advance Waste Management Engineering2100Elective
DRE5209Spatial Techniques in Disaster Resilience2100Elective
DRE5210Geotechnical Engineering in Built Environment2100Elective
DRE5211Public Policy and Social System for Disaster Resilience2100Elective
DRE5212Environmental Restoration, Rehabilitation and Mitigation Engineering2100Elective
DRE5301Research Work3 (Satis/Unsatis.)

Thesis Semester:

Alphabetic CodeNumeric CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursMarksCompulsory
DRE5301Research Work2 (Satis/Unsatis.)
DRE5302Thesis Evaluation5250Compulsory
DRE5303Thesis Defense3150Compulsory