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Safe Driving a Bus and Watching a Movie?

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Driving a bus while watching movies heads top

A Girl Driving a Bus

In Bangladesh, Today I have watched exceptional things. One girl with her mother rides on a bus. The girl was very sick she could not be seated with the limited space. Suddenly the bus driver asked to play the movie placed over his head.

The girl requested to stop that but no one stopped the bus driver’s desire to watch the movie. The movie is running while driving and sometimes the driver looks over the head and tries to watch the movie Bahuboli an Indian movie.

I tried to stop the movie but no one worried about the things even the weakened girl also stopped to talk not to get any help from the bus driver.

Driving a bus

In Bangladesh, most of the accidents occurred in two ways.

1. Drives faults

2. Faults of the other drivers along with the outer circumstances hit suddenly.

So everyone should be careful while driving. A good driver must care about his or her driving along with the other foreign unwanted materials that hit him/ her.

I also believe in the driver because he seems a good driver as I am a regular passenger on that Bus. The name of the Bus Company is Chaklader

The driver is a bit short-tempered man, and he frequently becomes angry. When the bus helper had drowsiness, the driver broke the bus slowed down the bus, and stopped the speedy bus to wake the bus helper and looked at the helper angrily.

All the way I am very worried about having an accident occur. But I have faith in the driver.

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