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Mahatma Gandhi 7 Social Sins

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Gandhi 7 Social Sins

Gandhi 7 Social Sins

Gandhi 7 social sins

Yesterday I read a book about gandhiji the full name of Mahatma Gandhi the the father of nation of India.

Every houses in India keep the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi Inside the house. Mahatma Gandhi is very popular and respectable in India not only for political achievement but also he’s non-violence movement against British government to establish the independence of Indian continent.

Today I will discuss about the Gandhi 7 social sins, he did before. We don’t know yet. I’m also very surprised when I read a book Gandhiji Oppokarma by Alok Krishna Chakrobarti that’s really sad to know and good to know the reality of Mahatma Gandhi and his life and the philosophy of his life. I believe most of the people don’t know about this.

 Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of nation of India and the most popular political leader and influential religious and social personality all over the India. During the rule of British government as a colonization power .

According to the book the author declare that Martin Gandhi was not a good personality but was a selfish and hidden sins were inside.

The author described Mahatma Gandhi as a Hitler in Nazi, Mussolini for Secularism and the Mahatma Gandhi for Congress. People believe Mahatma Gandhi’s character was moral and vertuous not only for religious perspective but also of political. Reality is, he is a secret guy wearing the moral character having selfishness for his own benefit and opportunity. There might be a reason for Nothuram Godse to kill Mahatma Gandhi in a broad daylight.

Basically Mahatma Gandhi was the only supreme power of congress and he don’t allow any opinion from the party which is not in favor of Mahatma Gandhi his character was more or less one directional not a democratic way he seldom respect the others opinion. Most of the time he did hunger strike to establish any demand but after a few days of hunger strike he usually break the hunger strike drinking some goat milk or other  drink. His hunger strike never go for long until death but all the time he would say that his hunger strike is until death.

Charecter of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a lover boy even his old is he always keep girls as a maid servant with him and do some sexual harassment even though the girls don’t agree to do that.  The nephew of Mahatma Gandhi was also captured by Mahatma Gandhi and did a sexual harassment for long years.

The author of the book also declare many other things that is a reverse to the person of Mahatma Gandhi. The author declare Gandhi 7 social sins in his book

Read the book:

What was the Everyday Food habit of Mahatma Gandhi:

 Mahatma Gandhi’s everyday meal was very expensive he live like a poor man wearing only one single Dhutee.

Menu of his food is goat milk in the morning you got milk at noon with peanut. Every day Mahatma Gandhi need almost 3 kg of goat milk. The servant or the milk collector Has to struggle everyday to collect this amount of milk whenever they go for non-violence movement in Bangladesh the district of Noakali.

Political conflicts with subash Chandra Bose

Mahatma Gandhi and subash Chandra Bose has direct conflict in a political view.

Once Gandhi said if we had lots of Military power and Weapons to fight with British government we must fight.

Gandhi wants to say due to the scarcity of Weapons he didn’t fight against British government. So this might be the reason of the non-violence movement of Mahatma Gandhi against the British government not having any weapons.

 Subash Bose was a Movement with Armed Force so is philosophy and Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy was different though Mahatma Gandhi was in a non-violence movement due to the scarcity of weapons.

The author of the book explain the separation of India and Pakistan was only the responsibility is Mahatma Gandhi.

When British government wants to separate  the greater India into Pakistan and present India, Mahatma Gandhi did not do any hunger strike against the declaration of British Govt. to protest this separation. On the contrary, he allowed resolution proposed in the Congress meeting. Mahatma Gandhi is also responsible for this separation of two Nation based on the religious perspective even though religious conflict was not stopped even after the separation of two country.

The author of the book declare and explore many other hidden things of Mahatma Gandhi that would be really surprising for us. I recommend to read this book 

Gandhi 7 Social Sins

Gandhi 7 Social Sins

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Gandhi 7 Social Sins