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Hiroshima atom bomb images

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Facts Discovered | Hiroshima atom bomb images and real location

The real location was not in the A-Bomb Dome Site which everyone knows. The real hypocenter was 300 m south of the A-Bomb Dome.Hiroshima atom bomb images

Here are the Hiroshima atom bomb images and Videos.

I have seen the real site of the Hiroshima atom bomb images and locations after visiting the place in Hiroshima Japan Few days ago. The actual site of the atomic bomb explosion is in a different place. To learn more watch this full documentary video.


Here I have explained all the things Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb explosions. The little boy in Hiroshima was smaller than the fat man at Nagasaki but the devastation was greater in Hiroshima Why? Watch this video.

The antenna of Little Boy was not shown in the recent replica in the Hiroshima Museum Why? A total of 330,000 People died in Hiroshima until today Why? as it was 140,000 on 6 August 1945. Why did the number of victims increase?

The radiation of Beta, Gamma, and Neutron was released and the heatwave of the nuclear bomb was devastated and destroyed. Hiroshima atom bomb attack site of Hiroshima atomic bomb today atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima Hiroshima atomic bomb