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How to be a good teacher: Part-1

Bloom's taxonomy

Here are the details to manage teaching-learning and Strategy

Some problems in the classroom and fix:

What is your first reaction to entering the class?

Sometimes we face some problems of physical troubles and students’ disarrangement and lack of concentration with some disarrangement seating in the classroom. Some reactions, we need to solve and make silence and some other problems to fix. What about their attention? How can attract their attention?

Do some strategy like greetings, personal question. Students should know the outcome of the class and the teacher also knows the outcome as well. If some students can write only in the class lecture except listening which one the best one? Because during writing we can not concentrate on the topics. Otherwise, if we don’t write then we forget the topics. Hence, which one is the best method for the classroom?

Bloom's taxonomy

Resource Person

Is it difficult to create a learning friendly class?

It requires training for students and teacher.

Teaching varies depending on the subject and group.

Lecture is the best method. But a variety of method be effective. 

To be a successful teacher they are some methods

Principles of adult learning:

Nedd to know how adults learn best

Adult learning has special needs

Six characteristics of the adult learners

  • Learners are autonomous and self-directed
  • They have some life experience and knowledge
  • Are goal-oriented, ie, future-oriented and exam related
  • Are relevance oriented
  • Are practical
  • Expect from others

Science of teaching:


(Greek people learn this) art and science of teaching principles of pedagogy

Focus on the children’s learning

Need to know only what the teacher teaches 

Learners depend on the teacher

Only teachers are valid

Only the teachers determine to learn

Orientation towards learning 


Art and teaching science of teaching of adults

Adults are motivated

Learning focus on life

Experience is the richest source


Group and cooperative learning and problem solving through the group activities and joint projects

Create a group and question will the open book example

It has shown to be active for most of the education level


Is the self determine learning that progress towards the development of  and capacity

The concept of self-determined learning

Instructional: Make attention to the students then based on the topics 

What is Goal>> smaller vision

What is objectives>> work to achieve the goal

Goal/Aim>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Objectives <<<<<Learning Outcome

The root of Bloom’s taxonomy

  • Intention to maximize the learning
  • The clarity to teaching the teacher must take
  • Finally, Benjamin Bloom wanted to classify the instructional/facilitation/ objectives
  • We can measure knowledge in three main domains:
  • Cognitive>> knowledge
  • Affective>> feeling
  • Psychomotor>>> behavior (handwriting, singing)
  • In another word, we can head> heart>> hand
  • We can subdivide the cognitive domain as;
  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analysis
  • Evaluating
  • Creating