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Why it is important to study


At first it seems that the question doesn’t require an answer. On the other hand there is a deep sense here. From the earliest childhood till nowadays parents tell us to study, study and stud….y. There is no doubt that it means to do all home tasks to listen to the teacher, not to talk on the lessons and so on. But in my view to study means to get not only academically knowledge, but knowledge that are not written in textbooks, such as sense of duty and responsibility, relations with adults and children, development of different qualities of character, positive attitude to life and many others. 

In addition to it is important to study not only to be a worthy member of society, but to get a good high paid job. Moreover studying allows us to be an interesting person, who can speak out on different things with different people.

Another thing is that studying is encouraged. Those pupils who study well, get different awards, medals, diplomas. Pupils who get good marks are given money. Some institutes and universities offer budget places for students, who won city olympiads. People can contribute to the society through creating the new knowledge. The recent world is now in the digital shape from the ancient uncivilised one is only by the new knowledge. Hence, study is much important for once personal life also. those who are illiterate is always depends on others.

People respect those who are studying. They serve as an example. It’s rather easy to draw the conclusion: it is very important to study. The students only duty is study. the job holders only duty is work though life long learning is important for ones life for the success. For me studying and research are my only task as I am in the process of life long learning.