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A lie begets a lie

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A lie begets a lie, this is true. The lie exists is as much as the humman race itself. Cheating accompanies us throughout our life. And, even in our childhood we are told that the lie is not good, the older we get, the more we realize that it is difficult to survive without any lie.

But not only on the nature of the false people lie. All people live in everyday fear and lie is a tool to protect them.

So, lie is often a chain reaction – one lie begets another, one distorted thing forcing to lie more and more. For this a person needs a lot of time and effort. So, sometimes he can’t remember all the details of the false. He gets caught in his lie. And then, from their own cowardice creates terrible things.

Of course we know that there is a white lie. But we must also remember that a lie is not making a man happier. Everything in the world is interconnected and finally we will have to pay for lying.