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Life After Divorce

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Life After Divorce: My feeling

Life after Divorce

I never thought in the past that one day I have to face this problem in my life. I am now officially divorced. My ex-wife divorced me. I am passing my days very terribly. Sometimes I feel good. The feeling and life after divorce is not good. I don’t like this life.  I never sleep without my wife in the same bed. Now the situation is different I had to manage my life after the divorce. Sometimes I feel alone. I have to do all my work by myself. The most important problem in life after divorce is the sex life.  Think once you have regular sex but now you can not have that it makes you very unpleasant and makes you depressed. I am facing that problem now.

Life After Divorce: My Happyness

Life after divorce is very relaxed. Because Now I can go anywhere. I don’t need to get any permission or after visiting back I don’t need to tell where and why I went outside. Life after divorce is freedom. In most couples husband and wife are tightly bond each other. If they don’t have trust they can not live together in life. Hence, it is good to be free from the chained life.

Life After Divorce: My Measurings

I can not do regular sex. These are my measurings. However, this is more than mental problems and fear. Because I am thinking most of the time after the divorce that I can have regular sex. Because we had a long-term physical relationship but now I am completely far away from that. This makes me unpleasant in my recent life. If any couple would have kids in their conjugal life then the measurings would be more due to the absence of kids if the custody goes to the ex-wife.


Life After Divorce: Life Fate

What do I need to do? Do I need to marry again in my life to make my life again smotther or not? For the better life you can marry some times I feel but new life also dont give you happiness unless you forget all the memory of the past. Hence its really difficult to say for me at this moments. I dont know the other people`s dicision? What they will do? I hope time is the good problem solver. Time always solve the problem. If you have long term familly confilct or clash with friends they you can wait for time to dilute the strength the misunderstandings. Oneday you will notice the problem reduced more even creat the a scope to solve this problem.

What can I do Now or What People do?

My situation is not different than others. So after divoce I have to live elsewhere and find a new friend to continue my life. Every life need a girl friend if you are not a Monk or Goddess. So, I decide to concentrate my work and have a relax life or I might have a girl friend ro a brand new wife?

Life After Divorce: Is it really happy life?

This is really happy life. you know life have any things to enjoy right? Sex is one of them. You know where there is a less chance of pleasure, there is more SEX. In the rural area why there is more sex everyday ? because of scarsity of Pleasure toys or events or location. People in the proverty do more SEX and have high birth rate due to the frequent entercourse with spouse. So, as you already know the pleasure of SEX and you have many other options though. Why not find the other ways to give your sensory organ happy?