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How to use chat gpt?

In this article, you will learn

How to use chat gpt? Let’s go into the details.

You can start with your own question in your mind. The chat Gpt will start to answer the question. In this article, I am going to discuss “how to use the chat gpt”.

At the very beginning, you decide your question whether it is a short or conversational type question.

The type of question does not a  big deal for the chat gpt because it is built by millions of information on the internet and instantly processes your question and gets the main topics you want to ask. If you did a spelling mistake, chat gpt will fix it and proceed for you.

How to use chat gpt?

Here are the tips to start;

How to get chat gpt?

The chat gpt is an artificial model language. The Chat G.P.T stands for “Generative pre-trained Transformer” which is a deep learning model used for neural language processing to make creative content, answer questions, and give information to the user. This has a similar technology involved with “Chatbot” developed by Open AI but Chat-G.P.T and Chatbot are not the same things.

Learn more about, What is chat GPT?

Chat gpt can be accessed through the chat gpt website. It is based on the openAi company. There are recently two available versions the chat gpt 3 and chat gpt 4. The chat gpt 4 is still not free for all. You can access the chat gpt through the chat gpt website to use for your business. You cannot download the chat gpt or you can purchase it as it is not a physical product. The chat gpt provides the services as a language model. Many other services like how to use chat gpt t make money, how to use chat gpt to write an essay and many more.


how to use chat gpt
Fig: How to use chat gpt for the scholarship and many more.

To get the Chat gpt  just go to this website

How to use chat gpt and the website

Here are the steps to get the chat gpt

  1. Sign up for the chat gpt; in this case, you just need the Gmail or email address to get the API key for the authentication of the chat gpt login
  2. Alternatively, there are many online chtgpt platforms that can provide the same service as a chatbot language model. Keep in mind that chat gpt and the chatbot are not the same things or provide the same type of services. Chat gpt is a wider extensive use there is no limitation or not programmed in a limited language. Whereas the chatbot is used in the shopping mall for specific purposes.
  3. Now the use of chat gpt is completely free but the for the wider application it is needed for a subscription fee.


Chat gpt App:

Basically, there is not original chat gpt app. Because it is not a physical product or can not be downloaded from the internet. You can use the chat app as a chat gpt website and in the chat gpt chat box you can write your question.

I searched in the chat box and I found “ Hello! I am ChatGPT, a language model created by OpenAI to assist with answering a wide range of questions and engaging in conversations. How may I assist you today?”

So it is not possible to get the app. Just go to the chat gpt website and proceed with this.

Chat gpt Login process.

People might use some different terms for the use of chatgpt free alternatives. They are;

Openai chat

Gpt chat

Gpt chatbot

Gpt3 chat

Openai chatbot

Gpt3 chatbot

These are not any of the names of the apps but they are synonyms for the chat gpt. You can use those terms to find the services of chat gpt on the internet.


How to use chat gpt in the education section:

Chat gpt is very effective in the recent world. Bill Gates says that the age of ai already started after the age of the internet. He said the chat gpt will change the world. The renowned entrepreneur Elon Mask said that “We are lucky to born at this time.”

There are many ways to use the chat gpt in the education sector. They are as follows;

Basically, the possibilities of opportunities in education sectors are endless. You can use the chat gpt chat box today.

How to use chat gpt in searching for a scholarship:

This is really a good question. Here I told my story about How I am using the chat gpt for searching the best scholarship in my discipline.

How to use chat gpt in searching for a scholarship complete guideline:

Just go to the chat gpt website  and do the process for the chat gpt login.

How to use chat gpt to make money:

Unfortunately, there are no direct options using the chat gpt to make money online. Bu the application and the power of chat gpt can help you for making money online. Here are the tips on how to use chat gpt to make money online.

How to use chat gpt in the game:

The application is huge, especially making use of NPCs for better gaming.

How to use chat gpt writing the  blog post:

There are huge opportunities in this sector to write an SEO-based blog post using the chat gpt. Here are a few steps;

Now you need to rewrite the content to publish in your blog or website. Never publish the open ai generated content to your blog post as it is because it will be caught by the chat gpt detector algorithm by Google or another search browser. The ai content is also the copy-right content for your blog post. There are many content rewriting websites. There you can rewrite it with your own style. It is always better to rewrite manually by yourself.

Here are some rewriting tools you can test.

There are many many websites that are chat gpt detectors. They can detect the content you have got from the hat gpt and they have the solution for those ai generated content to make a free from AI generated content issues. There might need a subscription fee. However, My recommendation is to rewrite by yourself.


There are huge opportunities to use the chat gpt for the purpose of how to use chat gpt in any sector of your desire. Let’s try every day and learn more about the chat gpt. The newer version of Chat Gpt 4 is already published but not publicly. The chat gpt 4 is more powerful than the chat gpt 3. The function and the “how to use “are all same.