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Japan Scholarship Brochure and total Guide: 

If you are looking for a japan scholarship please follow this brochure and read it carefully. You can find some guidelines to apply for the japan scholarship here in Japan. The japan scholarship has many varieties and types like Japan scholarships from the Japanese Govt. by. local govt and by private organizations. So, based on the need please finds your scholarship to study in Japan. During the study, you can also apply for a scholarship in Japan also. The MEXT scholarship is the central Japanese govt scholarship.

Please find more Japan scholarships.

Download the complete Japan Scholarship Guide pdf (All Scholarships)

Japan Scholarship
Japan Scholarship in 2022-23

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MEXT Scholarships for Master Level Courses in Japan, 2022-2023

In Japan, there are two ways to get a Japan scholarship (1) through the Japanese embassy and (2) through the University.

The easiest way to get a scholarship is the second option through the university. Initially, you need to manage a Japanese professor in your area of interest Here is the guide on

“how to manage a Japanese professor?”

The Japanese professor will guide you on what to do in the next step. otherwise, if your professor said he can help you with all the steps then you need to apply for a specific program for the scholarship

Here is the total guide of all programs in Japan for the scholarship Download it.

In the application process, you usually need the name of the professor and sometimes the research proposal. For preparing the research proposal contact your prospective supervisor ( Professor you are trying to study under).

Top ranking Universities in Japan

How to get a scholarship in IGPAS Program at Tohoku University

Tohoku University is one of the world’s leading Universities and the number one university throughout Japan. Tohoku University is called IGPAS, and in that program, foreign students can apply for science studies like physics chemistry mathematics earth science, geology, geography environmental science engineering, and many other subjects covers this program. Every year admission start in October and the application for the scholarship is asked in September. 


The preliminary screening test application starts in September every year.  In that screening test, the foreign student can apply.  The minimum requirement should be a 16-year study period in his life. This program is covered by the Japanese government scholarship MEXT scholarship or Monbukagashu scholarship. Before the application of the preliminary screen, it is required to get the consent of a Japanese professor and need to write a research proposal application. Though during the screening application, you don’t need your research proposal. This scholarship is good for Foreigners as it is covered by the Japanese central government scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is 145000 yen every month as a living subsistence and the tuition fee is covered by the scholarship. This scholarship is competitive but you can apply every year until you get your desired scholarship.


Here is a list of professors you can find your professor here and email them to get his consent.

List of Japanese Professors (Earth Science)

How to write an email to Professor to get the professor`s consent? How to email to professor in Japan

You must need to write a good email format. Do you know how to write an email to a Japanese professor? here is the guideline for emailing a Japanese Professor.

Step 1; Start with a greeting

Step 2; Introduce yourself with your skill and expertise matching with the professor

Step 3; Link with the Japanese Professor and you in regard to skills and expertise

Step 4; Write how you can help the Japanese Professor and your goal to study with the professor

Step 5; Write a call of action like asking directly ” Would you give me an opportunity to study under your supervision?”

Step 6;  Come to an end with the acknowledgment of support.