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MEXT Scholarship Bangladesh in Japan 2024

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Japan Scholarship or Mext Scholarship Bangladesh in Japan for 2024

Mext Scholarship Bangladesh

1.  Why is the Mext Scholarship Bangladesh Program in JAPAN?

Japan is one of the best countries in the world. The lifestyle in Japan is very organized and systematic. Life in Japan is very relaxing, enjoyable, and very fun. 


I came to Japan first time in 2016. I found lots of funny things and lots of cooperative people around me every day. I find new things and very enjoyable moments. If you are very new in Japan you can find interesting things too. The people are very kind and everything is organized and systematic. The safety and security are extremely high. There is no fare even if you lose the item at the train station in the bus station or even on the road. You can find the lost item in the Lost and Find Center. 


There are many seasonal events in Japan. The people are enjoyable all the moment and very cooperative. They enjoy it very much.  For the service sector, if you have a job in Japan, you will work only Monday to Friday and two days Saturday and Sunday. There is no job at all everybody has fun, they go to restaurants, they go to the Bar, and many other places to enjoy. 

2. Japan’s overall opportunity

The moment in a hot spring is also very enjoyable. I have visited many times in hot springs and there’s a rule in the hot springs, no one is allowed to wear clothes. You must take off your clothes the same like as Japanese people. They are very comfortable. So there is no need to be worried at all in the hot spring. The hot springs or ONSEN are really good for health. The water temperature is almost 40 degrees Celsius. ONSEN hot water reduces your tiredness and makes you very fresh, especially some natural ONSEN has some health benefits. It will soften your skin and feel very good. 


There are many other sectors you can love in Japan like in the shopping mall there are lots of fun. Many free items you can test, and you can enjoy visiting Japan. Japan is fun and I recommend coming to Japan and seeing the natural beauty of the active volcano, lake colorful trees, and many other things like snowfall and many other funny things.

 Do you know most of the Japanese people drink alcohol three days per week?


3. Graduate Program

What are two ways for a scholarship to be;  

Through the University and the Supervisor.


Here in Japan, when I came for the first time I applied through the professor. My professor did everything on behalf of me. The easiest way to find the scholarship is through the professor’s recommendation. In 2015 When I was looking for a scholarship, especially in Japan. One day, one of my elder brother’s doctors Roy informed me to send an email to a professor of Japanese professor. I sent an email to that professor explaining my interest in higher study. The professor replied to me asking what I wanted to study I replied I wanted to study geology like mass extinction and that’s the turning point of my scholarship journey.


My professor guides me through everything. We sent too many emails to each other. We write proposals. We are applying for the scholarship. We did this based on our mutual understanding and email communication.

This is the way you can apply. You can find any scholarship in Japan.  Getting a scholarship in Japanese is not so difficult but you need to find a professor. This is a very crucial thing, once you get a professor your scholarship is almost 80% done. So I recommend finding a professor as early as possible in your area of interest. There are another way to apply for the scholarship in Japan and that’s through the country’s embassy. 


There is a common circular for the scholarship application. You can also apply but that might be a little bit difficult and needs lots of paper and requirements. Sometimes they ask for an English language test certificate like an IELTS certificate. On the other hand, if your medium of instruction is English in your home country you don’t need to provide an IELTS certificate and the medium of instruction is English, The main requirement for a scholarship is 16-year-old academic study.

4. Fall / Spring semester

In Japan, the academic year typically runs from April to March of the following year, with two semesters: spring semester and fall semester.

Spring Semester:

  • Dates: April to September (varies slightly depending on the university)
  • Spring semester in Japan
  • Start of the academic year: Many universities hold entrance ceremonies in April, marking the official start of the academic year for new students.
  • Golden Week: A week-long national holiday in late April or early May, with many businesses and institutions closed.
  • Summer break: A long break from late July to early September, with most classes and activities suspended.

Fall Semester:

  • Dates: September to March (varies slightly depending on the university)
  • Fall semester in Japan
  • Second semester: For students who entered in April, the fall semester is the second half of the academic year.
  • Culture festivals: Many universities hold vibrant culture festivals in the fall, showcasing student clubs and activities.
  • Winter break: A shorter break from late December to early January, with some universities offering special winter courses or programs.

Here’s a table summarizing the key differences between the two semesters:

Feature Spring Semester Fall Semester
Dates April to September September to March
Significance Start of the academic year for new students Second half of the academic year
Major events Golden Week, summer break Culture festivals, winter break
Weather Spring and early summer Autumn and winter

Additional notes:

  • Some universities, especially private institutions, may offer trimester or quarter systems instead of semesters.
  • The specific dates for each semester and university holidays may vary, so it’s always best to check the official academic calendar of your chosen university.

Mext Scholarship Bangladesh

Most Japanese students get admitted on the first of April which is the Spring semester. On the other hand, foreign students usually apply for the October session. The application procedure started before October like the first September and classes start in October. 

5. MEXT Scholarship

There are many types of scholarships in Japan one of the biggest scholarships is the MEXT scholarship. MEXT has a graduate program and doctoral programs doctoral programs also have a follow-up program JASSO There is another program at Tohoku University that’s called the IGPAS program which is a master’s leading to PhD program total of 5 years of program 2 years plus 3 years. 

I got a scholarship in the IGPAS program. So I finished my PhD degree under this Ms leading PhD program for 5 years. The scholarship is provided by the Japanese government that’s very cool. You don’t need to pay any tuition fee that is covered by the scholarship. You will get only subsistence money one $146, 000 Japanese yen every month and that is enough for a single person to live here.

6. Professor funding  Scholarship Manage (How to find Professor/email procedure/email reply/ interview)

The requirement for IGPAS is 16 years of education. If you completed your master’s degree then you can apply for this program. It’s a little bit competitive program but you have to find the supervisor before the preliminary screening test. Please keep in mind that in the preliminary screening application, you have to input the professor’s information. So please get the professor’s consent before application.

5. Other Scholarship JASSO

That is another undergraduate scholarship program also available in Japan for details you can contact us. Those who already have a job in Bangladesh can apply for the NNN scholarship. This is mainly for the Bankers and Civil servant job holders in Bangladesh (BCS Cadre). This program is funded by ZIKA.

6. Documents preparing

Before applying in Japan you have to prepare some documents and that is a recommendation letter from your University supervisor or departmental Chairman. Of course, it should be in the English Language. The other document is the proficiency of English test like a medium of instruction is English you have to provide a certificate that declares the medium of instruction is English.

Two recommendation letters may be needed in Japan from two different professors at the University. You have to provide your transcript and certificate in PDF Version during the application process which should be a transcript in English version.

I hope you can get the scholarship. 

8. Admission eligibility

What is my only recommendation?

Visit the University website and get the professor’s consent.

9. Offer letter

This is called the COE or you can get any scholarship Certificate along with your admission.

10. Visa interview

It will held in Dhaka.

11. Fly to Japan

Mext Scholarship Bangladesh