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Presentation skills are one of the soft skills all of us need to know how to present something before the audience. This is involved in the Personal Development sector: Speaking to an Audience is challenging. If you can speak or present your idea you will be hired in the job market or you will win certain things you need. In front of an audience is also in our personal life. So all of us need to know our presentation skills before going to the job exam. Here we will learn how to improve our presentation skills step by step.

Personal development is an asset to speak.  Learn more and more by reading books or get some skills to win in your areas of interest. Speaking in proper ways is important and there are some things to remember during the presentation.

9 things to remember before speaking

1: Use changes in tone during speaking to the audience.

2: Reveal body language. some times keep silent is one of the best ways to attract the audience.

3: Tones

4: Body language

5: Choice of words

6: Speak always looking at the audience.

7: To improve your presentation skills at home take a record of your talk and find the mistakes and improve it.

8: You should pronounce the words rightly. If you don’t know the right pronunciation never use that words. Don’t through the ball in the dark. Because it will make you disrespect everyone. So use the right words which you know accurately.

9: Avoid the ah uhh etc at the end of the sentence. This is the most embaracing habits for the presenter. Most of the time we use this type of ah uh etc unnecessary words whick makes the audience the boring and discomfort.

To improve the presentation skills ask this question to yourself.

Control you volume of voice

Loud voices: If you have genetically loud voice then try to make the controll based on the type audience in the room or type of program you are in. If you are in the open field then its ok to use your maximum volume of speech.

Soft voices: If you have soft voices, it is better to  join in small group conversations very closely. Try to make your voice loud with some practices [Video]. Like everyday morning practice loudely at home.

How to speak before the audience?

When you find yourself rehearsing before you speak to a real audience, imagine a friend sitting at the back of the room. Ignore the other people. This can not be done by single practice. Try to practice this every time when you are in the room. Ignore the other people in the audience is important to make you speak more personaly. Always speak like you are sereously talking to your friend at the back of the audience hall.

Some other tips:

Voice exercise: Voice exercise is one the important rule to make your presentation more audible. This is one the best way to have the best presentation skills.

Slow speech: Depending on the situation and imotion in your presentation slides make you speech slow. Some times the audience need to understand more, then make your speech slow.

Breath control: Practice to control your breath. To use the tone in your speech you need to control your breath.

Pause: It’s important that you don’t break up the flow of meaning, but make a pause in the proper time.

Fast speech: Nevet exeed the limit of 100-110 words/ minute


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