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Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Price 1 Yen: How to Get

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Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Smartphone. The Price is 1 Yen and How to Get it?

Samsung Galaxy A23

How I buy the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Smartphone by 1 Japanese Yen!

If you come to Japan for the very first time and if you have a residence card status of at least 1 year then you have to visit any mobile operator shop in Japan that is AU Mobile, Docomo, Softbank, UQ mobile, GTN Mobile


GTN Mobile is Cheapest for 5 Reasons for Foreigners in Japan

What do you need to get this Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Smartphone by 1 Japanese Yen?

  1. Residence Card
  2. Japanese Bank Card: Debit card or Credit card

That all.

Now You need to visit your nearest mobile operator shop and ask them about the 1 yen Phone or 0 yen smartphone

Actually, this Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Smartphone price is 36960 Japanese yen but as you make a contract they will make a discount to 1 yen for you.

You can get a mobile phone calling and internet package for the cheapest plan of 2100 Yen/ month

You can call up to 5 minutes of FREE of charge and then you need to pay per 30 seconds 20 yen. So I suggest you drop the call before 5 minutes then you don’t need to pay any calling charge.

Recently I purchased a 1 yen Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Smartphone and that is nicely working. I have got 4 GB mobile internet with that 2100 Yen/month package in which I also get the first 5 minutes FREE of charge calling to any mobile operator.


I think that is a great opportunity in Japan to have a 1 or 0 Yen Mobile phone. You don’t need to pay any money initially during the contract.