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Kuakata Tour guide

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Kuakata Tour Guide

Kuakata Sea Beach: This large, sandy beach is the star attraction of Kuakata. It’s known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the Bay of Bengal. You can relax on the beach, take a swim, or go for a boat ride. Here’s a link to its location on Google Maps.


Jhau Bon (Forest): Jhau Bon is most likely a misspelling of Jhau Forest. This coastal forest is located near Kuakata Beach and is known for its dense trees and unique ecosystem. It’s a great place to go for a nature walk or to spot some wildlife.


Rakhine Palli: Rakhine Palli is a village located a few kilometers away from Kuakata Beach. It’s home to the Rakhine people, a Myanmar ethnic group who migrated to Bangladesh. The village is a great place to learn about the Rakhine culture and traditions. You can also visit the Buddhist temples and markets in the village.


Here are some additional things to keep in mind while planning your Kuakata tour:


The best time to visit Kuakata is from November to March, when the weather is pleasant.


There are a variety of hotels and resorts to choose from in Kuakata, to suit all budgets.


Local transportation is readily available in Kuakata, including buses, rickshaws, and motorbikes.

Kuakata Tour 18 December 2021


Kuakata Tour

Kuakata Sea beach in Bangladesh is really attractive. Enjoyed too much at the Sandy Beach in the coastal area of Bangladesh.

Those who are wish to visit the sea beach in the southern part of Bangladesh the things you need to care about is 

The night bus will get up you 2 km far away from the beach so you have to work from that to go to the main Beach. 

However during walking you can find many hotel and restaurant you can go there and book a room with cheaper price. Hotel room usually move out time is at noon 12:00. That means if you book your room at the very morning then you have to leave your room before 12:00 noon after 12:00 noon you have to pay the rent for the next day 1,000 BDT per day rate. 

There’s a shopping mall near sea beach you can buy many items there. 

There are indigenous people market that is also good for shopping. 

The food at the sea beach in Bangladesh is mainly a street food. There are many hotel and restaurant to have dinner or lunch with your favorite menu there. 

The security of the room is very important never open your room for long and go out without locking is very dangerous and unsafe in the sea beach area. 

There are many people suspecting people they can go into and stolen your valuable items. If something you need to keep you can keep it at the hotel manager with proper discussion and talking. 

We visited sea beach in the coastal area of Bangladesh especially southern part of Bangladesh is really good but the water is dirty. The water of the sea beach is it dirty and Sandy it’s not too good to have bath.

The people around you will give you pleasure at the sea beach but be careful about your belongings to keep hare and there.

And the sea beach you can find a bench with umbrella you can see it there with hourly rate.

Every hour you have to pay  $1. To sit on the bench and have it relax there. You can find many camera men professional photographer they will take your photo and print out instantly but they will charge it for that.

Safety and security is very important at the kuakata sea beach in the southern part of Bangladesh.