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Kuakata Sea Beach Visited

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Kuakata Sea Beach Visited

Whenever you go to kuakata see beach in the southern part of Bangladesh the night bus will get off you one kilometer far away from the main Beach. 

Some buses don’t go to the main Beach area so ask your bus contractor where to get off. 

Maybe you have to walk 2 km to go to the main Beach area to find a hotel at the kuakata Sea beach. 

While walking you can find many hotel and restaurants there you can visit them and check the price or even you can book the hotel restaurants there there are many five star and four star equivalent hotel at the Beach area also very cheap or hotel you can find.


The beautiful kuakata Sea Beach

These are really the story we find and see at the beach. We also do many joyful work like holding our hands we see together the sunset. 

At the very morning we wake up together and came at the kuakata Sea beach to see the sunrise together. 

At the noon we wanted to wait our body and clothes together with our wife and kids. We did. 



How we go to the beach?

At first weak as a night but from magura then in the morning the bus arrive at the beach area and get off we find a cheaper hotel but looks clean and tidy. We go to the desk of the hotel manager and ask the everything and book hotel for two days with 1,000 BDT/ day.

We have visited kuakata sea beach in the southern part of Bangladesh that is really very beautiful places that are lots of stunning beauty they are specially sunset and sunrises. We see directly from the Sandy Beach the beautiful Sandy Beach is full of people enjoying much there some people are selling peanut some people are selling coconut some people are selling many Street food at the beach. We have enjoyed the match we ride on horse and electric motorbike that motorbike is four wheel. 

Really that is enjoyable all the family member can ride on that motorbike the price is only 100 BDT equivalence to $1. 

The security of the kuakata Sea Beach area is good because there are many petrol police roaming around there. At the hotel the security also good but don’t forget to lock your room all the time even when you go to the outdoor toilet if you want to keep something please keep to the manager of the hotel.