Disaster and Earth Science

জাপানে স্কলারশিপ পাওয়ার খুঁটিনাটি


জাপানে স্কলারশিপ পাওয়া অনেক সহজ। যেহেতু IELTS স্কোর এর কোনো বাধ্য বাধকটা নাই সে জন্য একটু রেজাল্ট ভাল থাকলেই দরখাস্ত করা যায়। আর প্রফেসর যদি আপনাকে স্টুডেন্ট হিসাবে গবেষনা করাতে চান তবে আর কোণ সামসসা নাই। প্রফেসর ই সব বাবস্থা করে দেবেন।

IGPAS is one of the most important programs to get an attractive scholarship in Japan Very good amount of money every month as a living expense in Japan. Every year they call for the application to apply. This IGPAS program includes Earth science, Mathematics,  Biology, Physics, Astronomy, and other major disciple to study in Japan. IGPAS is a Master’s Leading to the PhD program of 5 years of the study period. Every month you will get 146000 yen Japanese Yen. Very good insurance policies, etc.


Eligibility for the IGPAS program;

  1. 16 years of the study period
  2. Good academic results
  3. Research experience if you have 
  4. No need IELTS/ GRE
  5. The medium of instruction of your study must be English.

 How to apply?

Before going to apply at first you have to find a professor in your field then you can apply in the prescribed form for the higher study in Japan. To get the professor you have to write an email to the professor whether she/he agrees to take you under her/ his supervision. Because in the IGPAS application form there is a must-fill-in Option as the name of the supervisor and his email address.
Search in the topmost ranking Japan University website, like, Tokyo University, Osaka University, Tohoku University Hokkaido University, then you can find a professor.
application date; There are 2 steps of enrolments in the IGPAS program.

  1. Pre-application; usually start in October. so check the IGPAS official website from November 10-November 30, 2017 to apply for the pre-application for the IGPAS program.
  2. Based on the application document you will be asked to apply pf the main IGPAS Master leading to the Ph.D. program. November 20-December 15, 2017

How To Apply for the MEXT (Monbukagashu) Scholarship?

To get the MEXT scholarship website;
download the form and within the form, there is an option where you want to apply for the MEXT or not?? If YES then It is Ok just mark a tik in the option below the box. Some students want to study as a self-finance. To get a MEXT scholarship you have to attend an examination test via Skype or over the telephone from your own country.
 The evolution exam is so important to get the scholarship.
Some important things to get the MEXT scholarship is that.

  1. Very good Project Proposal 
  2. Past research experience
  3. Good academic Results
  4. Passed in the evaluation online exam
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