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2 Challenges of Earthquakes in Bangladesh

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The reason why Bangladeshi people don’t know earthquakes?

People’s perception of Earthquakes in Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh are mainly religious they have a long history of religious views and practices. Almost 80% of people believe in the Holy Book and listed verses in it. They only follow these words.

There is a proverb “When God becomes angry only then God give us a big disaster” that indicates, that if we are piousman or we have enough virtue then we don’t face any disaster. So, the knowledge about earthquakes in Bangladesh is still in lower to minimize the earthquake disaster.

What is the modern world about Earthquakes?

This is the modern world everything can be explained by the law of Nature and scientific knowledge. If we are concerned enough about science then we can understand the secrets of long mystery things.

The religious only explains the things when we don’t have enough knowledge of that. Once upon a time, people didn’t know how thunderstorms occurred and they had the answer based on the religious point of view. Now we know details about thunderstorms, how and why thunderstorms occur. Now we know about earthquakes. Almost everything about the Earthquake,

→its mechanism,

→why earthquakes occur

→how we can predict earthquakes,

→our preparedness, and

→resilience from the earthquake disaster.

Earthquakes Alert System

Earthquake Alert System on your Mobile Phone can tell you before any Earthquake and save your life.

What we need to do to make us safe from the earthquake disaster is we have to get enough knowledge on that. Based on scientific advancement, we have earthquake alert service even on our mobile phones. We can get emergency messages from an earthquake event. To be safe before and during an earthquake we need to know that.

Now you might have a question about how an earthquake alert system works and the answer is we know four types of seismic waves generated when an earthquake occurs.

The four types of seismic waves are P-wave, S-wave, Love^wave, and Reliegh-wave. P-wave moves faster and based on scientific advancement, we can identify that P-wave for any earthquake. This is the way any earthquake alert service works. However, we need to know more about why earthquakes occur, and how they occur.

What is the recent challenge of earthquakes in Bangladesh?

In recent times, this has the challenging for us especially for the people of Bangladesh. Still, people don’t know about the Earthquakes in Bangladesh. Still, people believe in ancient mythology. Unlike the belief system, if people can understand the causes of earthquakes they can be safe from the earthquake.

We can save our lives. People still think Earthquakes in Bangladesh might occur sometimes not always. The earthquake only occurs from the angry mood of God. So they still believe that God can save us as He is giving us this earthquake disaster.  We need to be careful and make our building earthquake-safe.

What do we need to do?

We should follow the building code of any country to construct any new building to collapses upon us by earthquake disaster. Every country has specific building code rules and regulations. Even in rural areas, we should follow these rules to build any new building. Throughout the world, earthquakes happen almost every time even every second. Some earthquakes are below Magnitude 4. 

Earthquakes in Bangladesh
Earthquake Safety Measures During and After the Earthquake

So we cannot recognize them because people cannot be earthquake-sensitive. So we only notice the bigger earthquake that is more than four Magnitude. 

Tectonic position and movement of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is very complex position in terms of tectonic movement. The landmass of Bangladesh is moving towards the Himalayan side, on the other hand Burmese plate is also moving to the East direction of Bangladesh. So these two big tectonic motions make Bangladesh a very complex position and the resultant motion of plate tectonic is almost North-East direction, that is towards the Dauki fault which is located in the Bangladesh-India border.

The Dauki fault is vulnerable

The Dauki fault is vulnerable for us happening any earthquake shortly. The research suggests this fault is very active and high potential to make any earthquake Mega disaster. The area around the Dauki fault is very prone to collapse especially Dhaka city and Sylhet is in a very risky position. 

What is the earthquake cycle?

The earthquake cycle tells us more than 100 years have passed before a mega earthquake disaster. So based on the recurrence interval of the earthquake, we are very close to any big earthquake shortly. So we should be very careful for any mega earthquake.

How risky is the Dhaka City?

Research suggests if an M7, seven-magnitude, earthquake happened in Dhaka city most of the buildings would collapse and the situation would be very dangerous. Because of no access to any emergency rescue operation.

The buildings in Dhaka City especially old Dhaka are very close to each other the rescue operation is very difficult here. The building will collapse one upon another. So the aftermath of any earthquake disaster is much more critical, especially for Bangladesh. 


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