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My Testimonial for the Japan 2011 Tsunami Victims

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My Testimonial for the Japan 2011 Tsunami Victims

Raman has good experience in studying disaster-related topics from school. He realized the real sorrow of the victims throughout the world disaster event. Great East Earthquake Japan 2011, Kashmir Earthquake 2004, Thailand Flood. So, He feels from the core of his heart to support the victims anyway.


Then an opportunity comes to stay with the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 victims and do something novel for them. He did volunteer work in the victim’s temporary housing like cleaning the kitchen, window, floor, door, AC, and Dust Extinguisher, and had a happy talk with them all day long.

What they said about my Testimonial about Japan 2011 Tsunami

That makes him happy still today. Now he is doing his research to reduce the disaster risk from developing countries and identifying paleo disasters in the earth’s history. He is a Graduate student of Tohoku University, Japan at the same time working as a disaster risk reduction professional in Bangladesh.

He wants to be a disaster professional to reduce disaster risk in the world.

Japan 2011 Tsunami