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Indigenous Knowledge in Bangladesh Strength, Weakness and Solution

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Indigenous Knowledge in Bangladesh Strength, Weakness, and Solution

In Bangladesh, applying Indigenous Knowledge for disaster risk reduction and disaster forecasting is very effective to some extent, but there is a problem completely dependent on that;

So, the strengths  of Indigenous Knowledge are as follows;

1) Resistant structures (houses and boats that survive storms).

2) Resource management (water storage against drought).

3) Disaster forecasting (by observing the signs in nature).

4) Floating seedbeds in water-logged conditions.

5) Construction of floating platforms for cattle refuge during floods.

6) Building earthen embankments supported by bamboo fences and grass planting to reduce flood erosion.

7) Early cyclone warning systems in coastal areas.8) Shifting cultivation time to avoid floods.

The problems of Indigenous Knowledge are as follows

Sometimes ethnic communities in Bangladesh focus mainly on people’s rituals, beliefs, folk literature, and norms as Indigenous Knowledge for disaster prevention rather than their original perceptions and practices.

There are less obvious indicators, such as very high production of Jhum (Rice Production on the terrace) as an indicator of severe cold and floods in the succeeding months.

Some absurd ideas like singing and dancing,  or celebrating a marriage between frogs and chickens for bringing rain in the dry season.

Solutions to get effective Indigenous Knowledge for disaster mitigation and prevention

Get trained in both traditional and formal knowledge and skills so that they can receive the benefits of both knowledge systems.

Traditional disaster management by ethnic communities needs to be included in disaster and adaptation research agendas.

The usefulness of some traditional forecasting and preparedness measures could be validated for replication.

Customary social and religious institutions/bodies need to be strengthened for more effective disaster management.

Incorporations and practices of Indigenous Knowledge with modern technology may help to reduce the disaster risk effectively.

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