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Why dinosaur didnt live in Bangladesh ever?

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Why dinosaur didnt live in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the younger countries than countries in the Indian subcontinents.

The Reason Why dinosaur Didnt Live in Bangladesh

Why dinosaur didnt live in Bangladesh

The oldest sediments of Bangladesh are Pleistocene 18 hundred thousand years.

Whereas India has much older sediments there and is more than 25 million years old. The age of the rocks of the country is a major factor in finding the answer to this question. Because the age of dinosaurs is 6.6 million years. The dinosaur lived 6.6 million years ago in India.

Dinosaurs were wiped out by the asteroid impact 6.6 million years ago from the Indian continent.

After that, there was no dinosaur in this world. Bangladesh is formed by the river-transported sediments piling up. All the alluvial sediments were transported by the Ganges river system to the Bay of Bengal and formed the deltaic country named Bangladesh.

This forming process is relatively young. Because of the Himalayan mountains the Ganges River system was initiated. To know the details history of the delta formation we have to know the formation of the Himalayas. The Himalayan mountains were not there before 6.6 million.

The Indian continent detached from the Australian continent at 6.6 million years ago. And colliding with the Eurasian plate forming the Himalayan mountains. Before the formation of the Himalayas, this place was a sea, called Tethys sea. This sea disappeared and formed the Himalayan mountains. Much later this delta formation process initiated which is now Bangladesh.

From the above tectonic history, we clearly know that Bangladesh has no history of occupying the land suitable for the dinosaurs.

Hence, Bangladesh has no dinosaur fossils ever. Before the formation of Bangladesh, all the dinosaurs were already extinct from this world.