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Parts of an Email: How to write an email 5 Steps

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Parts of an Email: How to write an email

Most of the time we face how to write an email to the professor to get hired or get a scholarship. If you are new to this topic then I will show you step by step how to write an email to your professor to get the supervisor’s consent to apply for the scholarship. In Japan you have to get the supervisor’s approval in the very beginning then you can follow his instructions to get the scholarship.

Once, you get the supervisor’s consent then you don’t need to apply separately for the scholarship for a higher study like a Master’s or Ph.D. in Japan. The supervisor will instruct you all on the next step.

So, Getting the Professor’s consent is very very important for getting the scholarship, especially in Japan. So, follow these steps as I discussed below for how to write an email to the professor and what will be the appropriate Parts of an Email of how to write an email to your professor to get consent for the agreement for the scholarship abroad.

Most of the time we face problems with how to write an email to a professor especially those who are very new for searching scholarships. Here I will show you step by step all the parts of an email to write to the professor.

Before writing a good email we have to know the accurate format of an email.

Here I will show the parts of an email:

Parts of an email
Parts of an email

1st Step: Greetings;

In this part, you have to greet your professor with “I hope this mail finds you well” and then you have to introduce yourself in a kind manner. The greeting depends on the recipient and the status of the professor or the rank of the recipient of the email.

2nd Step: Introduction:

The 2nd step is the introduce yourself. Write all the necessary information uptodate so far you have. Never use your old status or position which you are not. To introduce yourself you have to keep in mind that the more relevant job title suitable for your supervisor is appropriate you can use that. Use some keywords to choose the job title you have so that your skill will be visible at a glance in the very beginning to your professor.

3rd Step: The main body of content:

In this step, you have to write about the main content of your interest. Here you have to make the link between you and the supervisor. Focus on the supervisor’s experience and make a link with it by your skill.  If you have a skill in data analysis using Gas Chromatography and you have found your professor also uses this technology in his research then you are on the right track to continue.

Make as many links with your skill with the supervisor so that he will find you the best candidate for his work. Keep in mind that Parts of an Email in your writing to find a scholarship is the first step for achieving the goal.  To get the information about the professor’s skills and expertise I suggest visiting the professor’s homepage/ research profile like Google Scholar profile. You have to find the recent research list for the recent interest of the professor.

Here might be a question where can I find the list supervisor?

Click here in Japan

65 Soft skills for the resume of a student

In step 3, always keep in mind that you have to impress your supervisor with your skills matched with the supervisor so that he can hire you. Show that you are the best student or candidate for this job position.

How to write an email for a job application Rules

How to write an email for an internship: 10 Rules

How to write an email for internship
How to write an email for an internship


4th Step: The Call of Action

In this step, you have to make a request or request a suitable position for your candidacy. Directly you can ask “Would you allow me to be your lab mate to do research“? You know if you don’t ask for something no one can understand what you are looking for? So clearly you have to ask your appropriate needs to your supervisor. It might be the position in the laboratory or it might be the approval of scholarship. 

5th step: The conclusion or closing

This is the last step for your email format. So far you have done everything, like greetings, introducing yourself who you are, why you have to send an email, how you link your skill to your supervisor, how you can contribute in the laboratory, and why you are important to him and the last the call of action or the asking to get hired.

Now in this 5th step, you have to close your email with a nice greeting and acknowledgement. Because you have to write to your supervisor as he reads this email and say thanks for this, Never forget to write thank you for your cooperation. It expresses that you are acknowledged to him, kind and sincere.

How to Write a Title or Subject line in your Email?

This is very important to attract the recipient’s attention to click your email in the inbox. Make the title Short with keywords that might be suitable for your supervisor. Some people write the name of the supervisor in the title but to do so you should be careful not all the professors like this style, especially from the southeast region of the world.

You attract the professor to click through the email with the attractive title. People always blame like Professor does not replying to my email … So writing the appropriate title is one of the factors for this other than the proper Parts of an Email.

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